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This is a listing of blogs by people who are living the BDSM lifestyle and write about their experiences that have been vetted for the qulaity of their content. These are like online diaries and provide a glimpse into what living the lifestyle full time is like. See also the Lifestyle section of the Educational Book List. There are educational events listed in the "National Fetish Scene".

Subservient Blogs

Male Subservient
At All Times
Diary of a Submissive Husband - Of special interest: Neurochemistry of Male Chastity
Her Slave for Life
Locked Husband
William Bond's Blogs
Worshipping Your Wife
Female Subservient
BDSM Unveiled
Experiences of a Slave Bride
L I M I T S * A N D * T E M P T A T I O N S | a blog of a submissive.. trying to educate others and share her life..
Obedience With Grace
Pet Kimberly's Journey

Dominant Blogs

Male Dominant
Train Her to Obey: A Guide for the blossoming Masters in the world of s/M
Train Her Well
Female Dominant
Becoming a Mistress (Mistress Ivey) - Of special interest: Stifled Orgasms: Part 1, Part 2, Fun with P.O.T.: 1, 2
Disciplinary Wives Club
FemDom Matriarchy
Mistress Scarlet's Blog - Of special interest: Ladies adopt the lifestyle
MOBT Male Obediance Training

Blogs by Both Owner and slave

Male Dominant and female submissive
Our Journey

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