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Sexual Power for Women

A Real-World Guide to Sexually Enslaving Your Man

by Georgeann Cross

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Georgeann Cross finished writing Sexual Power for Women in 1997.  No one would publish it.  The reasons are left to the readerís speculation.  A few copies on loose-leaf paper have been in circulation ever since, passing from woman to woman.  One early attempt to post the work on the Internet was aborted in July of 1998 by the sudden death of the Webmaster.  The entire text of this long-suppressed work can now be read here.

Neither Georgeann Cross nor the proprietors of this Web site assume any responsibility for your use of the material presented here.  We recommend that you treat the material as fiction, offered only for your entertainment.

If you find typing errors, please write to typos@(this domain).  Weíll fix them at our earliest convenience.

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If you have neither the hardware nor the patience for duplex printing, but you have a lot of paper, thereís also a PDF file available for single-sided printing.

If youíre trying to maintain an up-to-date copy of Georgeannís work on paper, you can see whatís changed.  The last change was made on February 10, 2011.

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Webmaster's Notes:

Georgeann Cross:

In her book there is reference to a person named "George". This is a shortened version of the Georgeann Cross name.

The sexual torture technique Georgeann Cross writes about as part of her tools to enslave men is also known as Post Orgasm Torture or P.O.T.. On the web there are many free video demonstrations of how this is done that can be found by doing a search for "post orgasm torture". One such place is Mistress Ivey's blog where she describes how to do it and demonstrates it in still images and a brief video. To see these follow the Fun with P.O.T. links in the Blog List. Women can also be tortured with P.O.T. Whether done on a man or woman this is a very severe excruciating torture as can be seen by the reaction of the men in these videos, yet it is physically harmless just as tickling is physically harmless. A video that is especially good at demonstrating a variety of hand techniques during a P.O.T., and its effect on men, is here, and here. There are more hand techniques demonstrated in this video where a Mistress uses P.O.T. to punish her boyfriend for cheating. In its beginning her boyfriend has no idea what his girlfriend has in store, and thinks he is going to have some fun with bondage sex while tied to a ladder (It is unknown by me if this was real or scripted for the video). Around 10:00 - 13:00 there is some great teasing talk by his Mistress in response to his request to remove the gag, let him out of bondage, as he struggles to escape the bondage, while the torture begins to have its effect. Around 15:40 to 17:40 she uses a Hitachi Vibrator, at first through her hand, and then by direct contact. Beginning at 19:00 the boyfriend becomes intensely desperate, and she keeps him that way as he screams throughout the ladder rocking remaining five minutes. This boyfriend made a serious mistake.

The last part of this video demonstrates the ruined orgasm hand technique (stimulation is withdrawn just as ejaculation starts to prevent ejaculation pleasure). In earlier parts of the video methods of humiliation, degradation, and demoralization are demonstrated.

Barrack Obama:

Georgeann Cross includes hypnotic domination techniques in her book, most especially the use of presuppositions. More BDSM relevant information about hypnotic domination is available in this PDF about techniques Barrack Obama is using, and and has used, to hypnotically dominate and enslave a nation.

Lara M:

The website Femdom Training by Lara M offers hypnotic slave training materials, a lot of it is at no cost. This site has it's own male enslavement procedure titled "90 Day Husband Training Program". (At the time of this writing the "Next" links do not always work to go to the next step in the procedure. In this case it is necessary to navigate to the next step by going to the pull down menu at the top of the page under Women => 90 Day Husband Training Program). Lara M's male enslavement method begins with getting a male chastity device locked onto the male.

Mistress Mona:

A male enslavement technique is described in this video by Mona, aka Black British Mistress.

Warning: There is a short video on Mistress Mona's YouTube channel titled: "Mona - Blackbritishmistress.com Femdom" that starts with the use of the hypnotic principles of distraction, confusion, and then surprise to slip a mortal suggestion past the critical mind into the subconscious mind to die. This is done several times to strengthen the suggestion. This irresponsible video is dangerous. I recommend this video NOT be watched. Now that you have been warned you are of course going to want to see it. I nevertheless had to warn you..

Ebony Goddess:

Here is a description of how a woman enslaved her husband by saving herself for after marriage.

William Bond

Femdom and Brainwashing by William Bond. In this free essay William Bond delves into the theory behind affirmations similar to Laura M's hypnotic affirmations in her 90 Day Husband Training Program, and some basic hypnotic theory.

Recommended Books:

The techniques of Georgeann Cross, Lara M, William Bond, and Mistress Mona use Behavior Modification techniques which work on humans as well as they do animals and are the subject of these two books:
Don't Shoot the Dog!: The New Art of Teaching and Training by Karen Pryor
What Shamu Taught Me About Life, Love, and Marriage: Lessons for People from Animals and Their Trainers by Amy Sutherland

Sexual Enhancements:

Two things a slave owner can do that will enhance the effect of P.O.T., and generally enhance sex for anyone, are:

  1. Kegel exercises are used by both men and women to build up the the pelvic floor muscle group. For women this means stronger vagina muscles that enable a tighter squeeze and more powerful orgasms. For men this means stronger and longer lasting erections for his pleasure or his torture.
  2. For the male foreskin restoration will enhance the sensitivity of the glans and corona.
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