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This is a listing of the greater Los Angeles BDSM/Fetish clubs, events, and other kinky resources that I am aware of.

As with any other web page listing such things information on this page can, and very often does, become out of date before I am aware of it. Also it happens that from time to time a regularly scheduled event is closed on one or more of its usual dates, or held on a day other than its usual one. Independent verification is recommended before attending.

To request additions, corrections, or updates: Webmaster@HiddenCastle.com. Please include in any request the web site or web page URL of the event where up to date information is available and independent verification can be done. Also needed are any memberships that are required to attend and the age restrictions. I cannot list an event without these.

A listing of major many day events that attract throughout the USA and worldwide is on the National Fetish Scene page (inside USA) and the International Fetish Scene page (outside USA).

If you are new to the BDSM community there is a terminology used on this web page you may be unfamiliar with. These are defined on the BDSM Terminology Page.

A BDSM Club's dungeon party are typically private to the membership, but in all other respects they are public events within the membership. It will happen, and is normally expected to happen, that your play will be watched by others. These parties are not a place for those who are uncomfortable with being watched while at play.

Please visit the Bailey for other information resources at the Hidden Castle.

Maintaining Your Welcome at BDSM Events

Dungeon Parties
Night Clubs
Slave Auctions
Bed And Bondage Retreats
Dungeon Rentals
Conventions and Weekend Events
Leather Gatherings and Munches
Opportunities To Be In Motion Pictures, Video, and Photos
Flea Markets and Vendor Fairs
Brick and Mortar Fetish Shops
Vanilla Events
Other Sites With LA Fetish Scene Webpages
National Events in the USA
International Event outside the USA

Dungeon Parties
Anvil Club in Los Angeles
Male only. Club membership required. 21+
One party every two months as listed on the website.
Advanced tickets required and are available online only. No tickets sold at the door. $30
AVALifestyles in Lancaster
Their monthly socials and many alternative lifestyle functions as announced on their Yahoo Group and email list.
Holds one party a year, on dates announced. Primarily gay male. Parties are open to all. 21+
Holds Friday night "Eat & Beat" 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM, and Sunday afternoon "BBQ Whippings" 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM on days that are announced on their Yahoo group. 18+
The location of this dungeon in Long Beach is given to those who join the Yahoo group and RSVP for an event.
$20 per person
Due to the closure of the Palatial Mansion where this group used to have their parties these parties are on hold. I expect them to resume when they find another place to have them.
Club Indulgence
The last Saturday of the month at Sanctuary Studios LAX in Lennox.
$20 per person.
Prior attendees of Gentlemen in Charge or WICK get an emailed invitation to attend for $15. A hard copy of the invitation must be presented at the door to get in for this amount.
Those who also attend the LANextGen workshop that takes just prior to this party get both events for $20
Club Indulgence events are announced on the Sanctuary Studios LAX events page.
Club WICK (Women In Charge of Kink)
Holds FemDom/malesub only parties every second Friday at Sanctuary Studios LAX.
$30 for male submissives, free for female Dominants.
This is a membership only event, and you must be listed on a guest list to attend. For guest list consideration contact hostclubwick <at> gmail <dot> com.
This is a high protocol party. The male slaves are expected to attend a one hour protocol training session just before the dungeon party starts, and follow those protocols in the party to follow.
The dress code is strictly fetish or Nightclub attire for the Ladies, and collar and thong or sexy underwear for the men, cross-dressing is also welcome.
Single men who have no owners wear a red ribbon on their collars to indicate they are available to be approached by female Dominants for play.
Club WICK events are announced on the Sanctuary Studios LAX events page.
Den of Iniquity, The
Website membership is required to attend. Memberships are $21.95 per month plus a $34.95 one time charge. I do not know how often these are at this time. Comming events are announced on the Den of Iniquity's Calendar. The next event is announced on the Den of Iniquity's Event Bright page.
There is a lot of smoking done in this dungeon, and so there is a lot of thirdhand smoke residue in the air and all surfaces there.
Every first Friday 9:00PM to 2:00AM at Dungeon West
Dominant Female and male submissive only.
$10 for Females with RSVP, $20 every male.
Location of the dungeon is given to those who RSVP.
For RSVP and other up to date event informnation follow the DOMINA link under the "Events organizing" heading on the left side of Cincosub's profile page.
Dungeon West
Holds play parties as announced on their News & Events page.
Footnight in Garden Grove
Held on a Thursday 8:00 PM - 1:00 AM. How often these are is unknown by me at this time.
$65 per person.
This is a foot worship party.
Gentlemen in Charge Social at Sanctuary Studios LAX in Lennox 18+
Every fourth Friday 8:30PM to 2:00 AM. No admitance after 11:00PM.
$30 for Male Dominants, Free for female submissives.
Male Dominant and female submissive only.
You must be on the guest list to attend. The email address to attend is given on Gentlemen in Charge event page at Sanctuary Studios LAX
This is both a social and a dungeon party.
At least two of the Dungeon Monitors are female.
8:30 pm - Doors open.
9:00 - 9:30 pm A workshop is presented on a BDSM topic. Most of the time these are separate workshops for males and females.
9:30 - 10 pm - High Protocol Social, during which time subs can serve their Doms and discuss what they have learned, negotiate scenes, or just relax. Female members are expected to remain in submissive Fetish wear OR other submissive outfit for the evening. ALL subs must wear a COLLAR. If a sub comes without a Dom or a collar, a House Collar will be provided ($5 deposit required which is retuned upon the return of the collar when leaving). Round tags, which symbolize availability to negotiate play, are available for all single subs to wear. Ladies who simply wish to observe or are with their Dominant, will NOT have these tags on their collars and are off limits to approach for play.
NO ADMITTANCE AFTER 11PM unless prior arrangements have been made!! (We only have someone working the door until 11)
10:00pm–2:00am - PLAY PARTY........We have UNRESTRICTED play because this is a private party! Female DM's will be monitoring play to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for everyone.
Dominants doing ANY kind of Edge Play should run it by the Host Sir Gabriel or Sir Zeus, or one of our DM’s for the evening (we need to be sure that newbies are not engaging in things they are not prepared for).
PLEASE NOTE: Subs are NOT allowed to pick up, carry, or use any toys unless cleaning or transporting for a Dom.
Food and drink is provided…….it is okay to BYOB and put your name on it behind the Bar.
The dress code at this party is unusual in that fetish atire is not allowed in, and this is strictly enforced. Vanilla formal attire, such as business suits, is required at this party. Follow the link on the party confirmation they will send upon receiving an RSVP from you for details.
Iron Gate Studios SFV in Reseda
Holds themed daytime and evening parties as announced on the website, and Mistress Lexine's blog.
Ladies In Charge of Kink (LICK)
Every First Saturday at Dragon's Gate Studios in Placentia
Female Dominant and male submissive or female submissive only.
$35 for males, $15 for females.
The exact location is given only to those who RSVP.
An RSVP is required to attend.
It is a requirement that all members who want to attend the parties also attend a one time only Orientation, and a Negotiation Class that is an online live webinar.
Apply to attend on the LICK website.
Lair De Sade
Holds parties every first and third Friday and every Saturday 9:00PM until ?. Doors close at 11:00PM 21+
Arrivals after 11:00 PM can call the Lair de Sade cell phone to get in: 818-255-5507
$30 for members and their guests. All guests must be accompanied by a member.
Platinum memberships are $50 a month and include access to all Lair de Sade events at no additional charge.
Holds the "Spanking Social" every first Wednesday, 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM, $5 members, $10 nonmembers
Every Saturday ~ UNFETTERED ~ Pansexual BDSM Party.
Every First Friday ~ CONQUEST ~ Couples/Triads Only Party w/ Male Top/female bottom scenes only.
Every Third Friday ~ VENUS ~ Couples/Triads Only Party with Female Top/male or female bottom scenes only.
Located in North Hollywood. Map
Memberships are available at their Insight workshop events. To attend an Insight event you must either be a guest of a member or have gotten an invitation in advance. To request an invitation: ccincbdsm@aol.com
Basic lifetime membership is a one time fee of $40. Parties are $20 for basic members. Other memberships are available.
Get on Lair De Sade's email list at the Yahoo LairDeSade_INSIGHT group.
At Lair De Sade there is a main outdoor area connecting the main entrance and the three dungeon areas. This area is a smoking area and cannot be avoided. Expect exposure to cigarette smoke
Los Angeles Doms and Subs - LADs
Holds Tea Parties and Dungeon Parties on dates that are announced.
Female dominants and submissives and slaves of all genders (including males, female and TGs) are accepted. All switches are accepted, but male switches must be submissive at LADs.
Mistress Jordan's of Jordan Enterprises Inc. Party at Dragon's Gate Studios 18+
Once monthly on Saturdays that are announced, 8:00PM to 1:00AM
$25 per person.
RSVP required by the day before the party. There is a limit of 75 people.
The location of the Dragon's Gate Studios in Placentia is given only to those who RSVP.
To get on the email list: Jeidom AT aol DOT com
The first Saturday of every month 2:00PM to 6:00PM.
Men's spanking parties. Gay male only.
Contact Chief10611@aol.com for info.
Sanctuary LAX in Lennox map 18+
Formerly known as "Passive Arts."
Holds parties and educational events regularly.
Sanctuary LAX is the domain of Mistress Cyan. Announcements are posted on her Yahoo group and Sanctuary LAX's website.
Semi-Annual Open Fem Domme Party
Twice a year at Dragon's Gate Studios. Advances RSVP requried.
Jointly sponsored by: SoCalBound and San Diego FemDomme Social
$25 per person 8:00 PM - 2:00 AM.
SoCA Bondage Club in North Hollywood
Every 2nd Friday 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM
$15 per person at the door.
Men only. Primarily gay male.
To Rsvp: socabc@gmail.com
SoCal Shibari
This group is primarily in San Diego but has recently begun having events in Temecula to be more accessible to people from the LA Area. Temecula is half way between the Inland Empire (in the greater LA area) and San Diego along Freeway 15. This is a small group that has its events in private homes. Its emphasis is education in japanese rope bondage and has workshops and parties
Southern California Leather Woman
This is an annual contest where the Southern "California Leather Woman" is chosen. It is held the first weekend of October at locations that are announced on their website.
A dungeon party folows this event.
Holds educational events as announced on the Parties page.
Paddlers of Southern California (PSC)
Events held in Riverside.
A workshop and party often follow their munches every second Saturday.
Shadow Lane
This club specializes in very large spanking only parties at major resorts.
This is a day of workshops in a variety of subjects. It is organized by OCLA and held as a substitute for the Sampler in those years there isn't a Sampler.
Yard LA
Gay male only.
In West Los Angeles. The first party is on Nov 22, 2008 9:00PM. How often they will be is unkown by me at this time.
$30 online or $40 at the door.
Night Clubs

These are fetish themed events at disco nightclubs where SM play is staged and play by public for both Tops and bottoms is welcomed as well. Because these are public events no nudity is allowed at any them. The rules on the amount of required coverage varies. If in doubt you should ask the nightclub's promoters. Generally the rules are about the same as on the beach. Some clubs are worse than others in regards to sound levels. It is generally wise to have both earplugs and nutrients as counter measures against damage to hearing due to sound levels when attending them.

Thefts of equipment at these events happen often. Night Clubs are attended by all kinds of people, not just people active in the kink community who are generally far more trustworthy. Anything not kept on your person or closely watched over is at risk and is best kept out of sight in luggage or locked up.

Because these are nightclubs it is inevitable there will be bottoms that have had a few alcoholic drinks before play. I have come across bottoms about to have their first BDSM experience not want to play until they have had a drink or two. Recommendations on my part to have them afterwards  never were accepted by them. I have yet to see this as a problem for Tops because the vast majority of the Tops that go to these clubs to play are very experienced and know better. Alcohol and BDSM play do not mix. The bottoming experience is about feeling and enjoying sensations the Top provides. This is lessened when a bottom is numbed to it by alcohol. There is also a safety issue because it is important for a bottom to know what is being received. If a bottom appears to be under the influence by personality, wobbly walking, or breath smell, it is best to tell them to try it some other evening.

Some of these nightclubs have webpages where free or discount passes are available. These are easily printed without the rest of the webpage they are in by right clicking the image that is the pass and selecting the "Print Image" item in the pop up menu. If you are not using the MS Internet Explorer there may be a "View Image" menu item. In this case select it and the image will appear alone in a new browser window where it can be printed.

Eagle LA
Several events weekly. Primarily gay male.
Faultline, The near Melrose and Vermont in Los Angeles
Has special play events as announced on the website.
Primarily Gay Male.
Hollywood and Bind in North Hollywood 21+
See the link to the upper right of the webpage.
This event is on hiatus until a venue can be found.
Every first Friday 9:00PM - 2:00AM.
$20 With fetish wear, $25 creative wear, $40 for formal wear (tuxedos, etc.). Can be paid in advance on their website or at the door. Admisison fees are the same at the door.
Fetish dress code will be strictly enforced. Definitions of fetish wear for this event:

Latex, leather, PVC, Vinyl, nylon/spandex, uniforms, vintage & period costumes, lolita, burlesque, steampunk, zentai, elegant gothic aristocrat (corsets, fishnet, velvet, vampire etc), medical, chain mail, body armor, kinky drag, cyber, bondage, and other subculture expressions.

Glam Fabulous, Punk, Rockabilly, Mod, Ero Kawaii, etc.


Jeans, street clothes, cotton, white sneakers, t-shirts, etc.

Spank Karaoki at the Bullet Bar in North Hollywood
Mondays 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM
Gay Male Only
Slave Auctions

A slave auction is an event where the right to dominate and play with a bottom, for the period of time offered by the bottom, is sold to the highest bidder. Typically this is the duration of the dungeon party where the auction is held, and it may be shorter than this but it is never longer. The domination and play remains confined to the premises of the dungeon where the auction is held. Although these are always called "Slave Auctions" it frequently happens that Tops get on the auction block as well and it is the bottoms that do the bidding. It can happen that a person who is generally always a Dominant will switch to being a bottom for the event. It is always an auction rule that any limits a bottom has as to what is done at play are respected and these are usually given before the auction. In addition to the slave's limits, the rules of the venue where it is held will also have limits to keep the event within the law, for safety, and other reasons.

The currency used to bid with varies. Very often these are fund raisers for charities.

Slave auctions are a great way to "break the ice" and initiate play among people at a party. It makes it apparent who the available submissives are, and who wants to play with them. It sometimes happens a purchase starts a long term relationship. Of course there is always risk to the moral of the individual on the auction block if there are no bids. Most who go on the block are sold. But no bids do happen so the individual on the block must be prepared with a "thick skin." On the other hand, it can be an ego boost to watch from the auction block many competing bidders bidding up to a high price.

Mistress Cyan's Slave Auctions
Held a week or two before Thanksgiving and again a few weeks before Christmas in early December at Sanctuary LAX in Lennox (near the Los Angeles Airport). Others may be held at other times in the year as announced. At the one before Thanksgiving the currency is a voucher the value of which is determined by food donated to charity. At the one before Christmas it is toys donated to charity. These exchanges for vouchers are done at the event just before the auction. The donations can also be made in advance by delivering to the auction dungeon. You must keep an inventory of what was delivered in advance to get credit for it at the auction. When Mistress Cyan makes the deliveries to the charitable organizations she lets them know it came from the fetish community.
The value of the voucher is determined by how much has been spent on toys or food. It is best to bring the receipt for what you have spent. Vouchers can also be gotten in exchange for cash or payment by credit card at the auction, before or after a winning bid.
In the year 2009, there was also a slave auction on April 18. Everyone attending chose an envelope. Each envelope contained a voucher for "auction money" to purchase a slave for the evening of play. Those who wanted to acquire additional "auction money" were be able to do so at a rate of 10 auction dollars for every real dollar). Whether this will be a yearly event in April is unknown by me at this time.
The slave auctions are announced at her Yahoo Group and the Sanctuary LAX Website's Events Page.
The Thanksgiving Auction is has been better attended than Christmas one.
Mistress Cyan's 2014 Thanksgiving Slave Auction Announcement for Saturday Nov 8.
Mistress Cyan's 2014 Christmas Slave Auction Announcement for Saturday Dec 13.
Slave Auction Photos


These clubs hold workshops in BDSM play technique.
See also the Educational Book List and Educational Movie List

Jan - Oct every fourth Wednesday, Nov and Dec, every second Wednesday 8:30 PM to 10:00 PM at MCC of the Valley in North Hollywood. Map 21+
Also hosts the "Leather Lab" workshops usually on the first Saturday. Days and times for leather lab change often. See their web site for the latest information. Leather lab is hands on oriented. There is an emphasis in doing what is being taught rather than passively watching a demonstration. It is a good idea to bring a partner. But if you haven't you will be paired up with someone.
Avatar is primarily gay male. The Leather Labs are open to males only. The Wednesday evening workshops are open to all.
The Wednesday workshops are $5 Suggested donation. No one is turned away for lack of funds.
The Leather Labs are $30.
Bound Los Angeles in Van Nuys
First event is March 20th, 2010. How often these will be is unknown by me at this time.
An afternoon of rope bondage instruction followed by a play party.
$40, A donation of $10 for the dungeon party requested.
C M Hurt in Garden Grove
Once a month on a Friday at 8:00PM for a year begining in January. Participants are expected to commit to attending all classes for one year. The classes have an emphasis on hands on doing what is taught. For more information and to enroll contact Mistress Cynthia.
$25 per class.
Catherine Gross
Holds workshops in many cities in the USA including Los Angeles. Some events last entire weekends.
Holds a one hour training workshop in slave protocols for males just before their monthly dungeon parties. See this event in the Dungeon Party section.
Den of Iniquity, The near downtown Los Angeles
Holds "CONTROLLING MEN THROUGH THE ART OF FEMALE DOMINATION" workshops every Sunday as announced on Den of Iniquity's Event Calendar, and email list. To get on the email list send a request to denofiniquityla <at> gmail <dot> com.
These workshops are a repeating series of nine that cycle back the first after the last is held. They are required training for ProDoms who work at the Den of Iniquity, and that Mistress Tara Indiana has graciously opened to the public as a public service.
The exact dungeon location is given by email on the day of the workshop.
It is necessary to be buzzed in through the building's front door. The dungeon's suite number is entered on a panel at this door. It will dial the Den of Iniquity's phone number where staff will buzz you in. If you get voicemail it means the phone line is busy, and you should try again in a minute or two.
This is a coed event. Men may attend.
There is a lot of smoking done in this dungeon, and so there is a lot of thirdhand smoke residue in the air and all surfaces there.
Insight at Lair De Sade
Every first and third Saturday. 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Located in North Hollywood. Map 21+
$10 per person.
Insight events are for members, guests of members, and non members who have received and invitation. To request an invitation: ccincbdsm@aol.com.
Memberships are available at Insight events.
At Lair De Sade there is a main outdoor area connecting the main entrance and the three dungeon areas. This area is a smoking area and cannot be avoided. Expect exposure to cigarette smoke.
Los Angeles Doms and subs, L.A.D.s
Female Dom only. Male switches are welcome but must be in their submissive roles.
Has a guest speaker every few months.
Los Angeles Pony and Critter Club
Presentations, Munches, Play Dates and Events
The last Saturday of the month 7:00-9:00PM at Sanctuary LAX in Lennox.
$10 for the workshop alone or $20 for both the workshop and the dungeon party that follows.
LANextGen events are announced on Sanctuary LAX's events page
Miss Cassie's Rope Munch in Lennox
12-2pm every Second Saturday at Sanctuary LAX. $10 per person. map
For more informaton: MissCassieLovesRope (at) gmail (dot) com
Orange Coast Leather Assembly - OCLA 21+
There are two events a month at two different locations.

Every third Tuesday at CM Hurt are the workshops 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Information: info@ocla.org
Event announcements are posted on their Yahoo group.
Paddlers of Southern California (PSC)
Events held in Riverside.
A workshop and party often follow their munches every second Saturday.
Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert
Every First Wednesday at 7:00PM in Palm Springs
Primarily Gay Male
Phoenix Alternative Community - PAC
Located in the Inland Empire.
They have two Yahoo Groups: PhoenixAltCom, and PhoenixAltCommunity
This club is undergoing a change in leadership. Their website has disappeared. Currently there are no scheduled events. The future of PAC is uncertain.
Pleasure Chest
This is a retail store on Santa Monica Blvd in Los Angeles selling sex toys and BDSM equipment. They have several seminars a month on days and times posted on their website. Follow the "Pleasure Chest Workshop" link on the front page of their website. On this page follow the link to the particular workshop to see where it is held. Not all of them may be held at the Los Angeles store.
Sancturay LAX
Has workshops on many subjects many times a month. Schedule is posted here.
SoCal Shibari
This group is primarily in San Diego but has recently begun having events in Temecula to be more accessible to people from the LA Area. Temecula is half way between the Inland Empire (greater LA area) and San Diego along Freeway 15. This is a small group that has its events in private homes. The emphasis is on education in japanese rope bondage. There are workshops and parties.
In Los Angeles.
7:00 PM on the Saturdays 7:30 PM on the Thursdays that are announced on their website.
$35 person.
LA Next Gen
Every fourth Saturday, 7:00PM to 9:00PM near LAX at Sanctuary LAX
The mission of LA Next Gen is to educate the next generation of young people who have newly entered the scene. But this event is open to adults of all ages
LICK - Ladies In Charge of Kink in Huntington Beach
Every third Thursday, 6:30pm to 9:00pm.
There are guest speakers at this event.
There are protocols to follow. See the website for details.


The music played at these events are just as loud as at nightclubs. The same precautions to protect hearing I give under nightclubs is recommended.

Bondage Ball
Held on major holiday weekends such as Independence Day, Labor Day, and Halloween.
The next event is 10pm-2:30am Sept 13, 2014 at the 333Live at 333 S. Boylston St. Los Angeles CA.
Their events are announced by email. To subscribe visit the website.

Bed And Bondage Retreats

These are BDSM lifestyle oriented lodgings and resorts that have dungeon setups

Dungeon West Los Angeles Area
Four poster canopy bed with 10? memory foam mattress– wonderfully comfortable for sleeping; bedside tables with 3-way lamps and separate iPod/iPhone stereo dock located by bed.
LA Stay and Play
In downtown Los Angeles
Los Angeles Dungeon Rental in Culver City
Two convertible twin size sleepers, hotel quality bed linens, comforter, pillows provided
Sanctuary LAX
In Lennox near the LAX airport.

Dungeon Rentals

Dungeon West Los Angeles Area
Los Angeles Dungeon Rental in Culver City
We are the best-equipped luxury dungeon located on the Westside of Los Angeles. Our space offers 1000+ sq. ft. of indoor play space plus a lush outdoor courtyard, and over 300 pieces of specialty equipment. Los Angeles Dungeon Rental is a unique boutique-style BDSM studio available for private rentals, events, commercial, and media productions.
LA Stay and Play
In downtown Los Angeles
Sanctuary LAX
In Lennox near the LAX airport.
Lair de Sade
in North Hollywood

Leather Gatherings and Munches

These are social events where no play takes place. At a munch people gather to have a snack or dinner together at a restaurant usually in the evening. A picnic is a day long outdoor event. No BDSM play is allowed at these events because they are in view of the public. Most of them do not allow fetish attire.

AVALifestyles in Lancaster
Every 2nd Saturday 6:00PM
LA Social 21+
The first Tuesday of the month 7:00 PM in North Hollywood.
Karaoke starts at 9:00 PM.
LICK - Ladies In Charge of Kink in Huntington Beach
Every third Thursday, 6:30pm to 9:00pm.
There are guest speakers at this event.
There are protocols to follow. See the website for details.
Long Beach Kinksters
Every 4th Wednesday in Stanton.
7:00 PM to 9:30 PM
Los Angeles Brothers In Dominance - LABID
A male-oriented support group catering to issues of concern and interest to Dominants in the greater Los Angeles area. The intent of this group will be to hold a monthly meeting wherein Dominants can discuss any range of topics. The topics should be, but are not limited to, Lifestyle related issues.
Los Angeles Sisters in submission - La_sis
A female oriented support/social/luncheon group catering to slave/subs and their concerns in the greater Los Angeles area.
The intent of this group will be to hold a monthly meeting wherein slave/subs can discuss any range of topics. The topics should be but are not limited to lifestyle issues.
This group is for anyone out there who believes and actively lives life as a female slave/sub.
Los Angeles Leather Coalition Fund Raisers
Leather related fund raising events are held from time to time as announced on their website.
They will have a screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Friday May 18, 2007 at 8:00PM. See their website for details.
Los Angeles Doms and subs, LADs.
The second Sunday of the month, in the afternoon. Usually around 2pm
Female dominants and submissives and slaves of all genders (including males, female and TGs) are accepted. All switches are accepted, but male switches must be submissive at LADs.
Paddlers of Southern California (PSC)
Every Second Saturday 3:00 PM in Riverside.
This group also has workshops and parties that often follow their munches.
Pasadena Munch Bunch
Pony and Critter Jamboree
The last weekend of August in Rosemead.
Rose Garden San Fernando Valley Munch
Every 2nd Tuesday 7:30 PM in North Hollywood
South Bay Munch
Every 2nd Tuesday and 4th Thursday in Torrance
Southern California Leather Gathering
A yearly event in late June at the Whittier Narrows Recreation Area in South El Monte.
Torrance/South Bay Social
Held every other week. RSVP to Nathok@aol.com or RICHARDLHIGHT@aol.com
West Coast Social
Every second Thursday 8:00pm - 11:00pm at Lair de Sade in North Hollywood map 18+
$5 at the door. RSVP requested but not required. RSVP information is on the website.
This is a social gathering.

Opportunities To Be In Motion Pictures, Video, and Photos


If you are a model seeking work, including and most especially in the Los Angeles area, there is a very real danger you are vulnerable to. I cannot recommend strongly enough to be aware of the information in these links:


Pay special attention to the "SAUDI PRINCES AND THE MODELING RACKET" section. Reference is made here to the Rubal Khali. This is a massive desert.


The above link has information about the Elite Modeling Agency. This agency is possibly not the only one alegedly doing this.

Young American model reveal human slave trafficking and kidnapping of women within America funded by Saudi royalty

ABOUT WOMEN & ISLAM: Female Circumcision & Sexual Slavery In Saudi Arabia


If you get a part please let the producers know you learned of them here.
About the diet that shapes a woman's body in a manner that is most desirable to men.

Bat Pack Talent
This is a talent agency specializing in gothic types. Hollywood film producers often look for extras with a gothic or BDSM fetish look.
Mishka Fine Art of Fetish
Looking for still photo models. Example galleries.
Mistress Cyan
Mistress Cyan is always seeking bondage and fetish models for her website. After getting past the two adult content warning pages click on the "Model Call" link to the left.
The Websites: "Men Are Slaves" and "Black Girls White Slaves"
These two websites seek submissive men to be slaves for their photos and videos. The latter one also seeks white female slaves. After navigating past their front pages click on the "Be A Slave" link to the upper left.

Flea Markets and Vendor Fairs

This is a listing of events oriented towards sales of fetish equipment. Guest speakers, demonstrations, and shows usually accompany this events.

Brick and Mortar Fetish Shops

These are brick and mortar shops selling BDSM play equipment.

Crypt, The
1712 E. Broadway, Long Beach, (562) 983-6560
Pleasure Chest, The
In West Hollywood on Santa Monica near Fairfax
Heathen Boutique and Firebird Leather
Near Hollywood and Las Palmas, in Hollywood, (480) 228-6640
Pleasure Company, The
In Irvine on Red Hill near Main Street
Rough Trade
3915 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, (323) 660-7956
Mr S Leather and Fetters
In Hollywood on Melrose near Vermont
In West Hollywood on Beverly Blvd near La Brea
665 Leather
In West Hollywood on Santa Monica Blvd between San Vicente Blvd and La Cienega Blvd

Vanilla Events

Vanilla is a term used to refer to non kinky "normal" people. Although the events listed here are vanilla events they are listed because they attract kinky people. No or very light and mild BDSM play takes place at these events.

Belegarth Medievil Combat Society at the University of Irvine.
Buccaneer Days in Two Harbors, Catalina Island
A four day event Thursday - Sunday on the second weekend of October. General Admiission $30. VIP $60.

This is a day when yachtsmen and all others that can make it there by ferry dress and party as pirates.

There is a live band and later a DJ at the outdoor dance floor at the Harbor Reef Restaurant. Be sure to get your passport on arrival or the children might put you in the Hoosegow.

There are two restaurants in Two Harbors. There is the "Snack Bar" open most of the day. This is a cafeteria that also grills items to order. The other is the "Harbor Reef Restaurant." This is fine dining and opens in the late afternoon. The Harbor Reef Restaurant books up quickly for Buccaneer's Day. It is best to reserve by phone two days in advance of your arrival. If you have not phoned in advance, reservations can also be done in the Snack Bar before the Harbor Reef Restaurant opens and should be done there as soon as you arrive.

The campsites and the one hotel at Two Harbors book up one year prior to this event. Booking is best done on the day of the event for the next year in person at the Two Harbors office. My experience has been that the Monday after the event is already too late. For those who have arrived without reservations sometimes there are cancellations or no shows for the campsites. Otherwise there is overflow camping in Buffalo Park. This is a playground behind the Harbor Reef Restaurant.

The demand for overflow camping in Buffalo Park for this event has increased dramatically in the past several years. In 2007 there were just three tents there. In 2009 there were about 200. It has become like a tent city, and unfortunately, with this growth has come big city crime. The Two Harbors management was expecting this and beefed up the presence of the Sheriff's Department and police. In spite of this there were thefts of camping equipment, especially sleeping bags. Luggage left in or outside tents was riffled through and items such as cameras stolen. In the case of the sleeping bags the thief was caught when the victims recognized their gear when tents were being taken down Sunday morning. At about 3 AM there was a disturbance caused by people at a tent that caused the sheriff to send them home at that hour of the night via the sheriff's boat.

To attend this event there is a need for luggage locks on all luggage and zippers on tent doors. Without these it is certainty thieves will get into both.

Normally it is possible to rent tents and sleeping bags from the Two Harbors Rangers. In 2009 there was a decision by Two Harbors management not to rent anything on Buccaneer's Day. It is now necessary to bring your own camping gear to this event.

It used to be that Buccaneer's Day was mostly attended by well mannered and wealthy yachtsmen. This has changed. In 2009 a waitress was mugged for her tips by four women in gothic attire while she was on her way home after the bar closed at 1:30 AM. They were arrested. Sunday afternoon a woman went berserk in the bar and threw her food all over the place. She was kicked out. After that she and another woman assaulted a women who was asleep in the grass while waiting for her ferry. She was straight punched to the face. This was a random act, the assailants did not know their victim. The two assailants were quickly pulled away by a group of onlookers. The assailants were banned from the ferry and required to wait for the sheriffs to arrive who were elsewhere on the island at the time.

Most of Catalina Island is privately owned by the Santa Catalina Island Conservancy. They maintain a blacklist of people who have been trouble makers. Anyone on this blacklist is banned from the island and cannot buy a ferry ticket in their name. There are many who were added to this list on Buccaneer's Day in 2009.

Since 2009 seurity at this this event has been beefed up. The Los Angeles County Sherrif's presence has been increased. Access to camping areas is controlled, it is necessary to have a wrist band to get into them.

Translate your text into Pirate Talk with this filter.

How to talk like a pirate web pages:
Why talk like a pirate and how
How To Talk Like A Pirate
A Pirate's Vocabulary
The Brethren of the Coast - History, Sea Shanties and more.

Local Pirate Group: No Quarter Given
Bellydance Evolution
The is a dance troupe that does major productions worldwide. There will be one at the John Anson Ford Amphitheater in Hollywood, on Aug 1, 2014. See their calendar for other performances elsewhere.
This troupe has many videos on YouTube.
The Third Weekend of September. First event is Sept 14-16, 2012 in Long Beach, California.
CatalystCon is a conference created to inspire exceptional conversations about sexuality. It is about reaching out and stimulating those who attend to create those important conversations in their own communities, changing how we as a society talk about and treat sexuality.
Edwardian Ball
The second Saturday of February in Hollywood, California.
THE EDWARDIAN BALL is an elegant and whimsical celebration of art, music, theatre, fashion, technology, circus, and the beloved creations of the late, great author Edward Gorey. Set in our own version of “Edwardian” times, this multi-media extravaganza has grown over the past decade from a small underground club night into an internationally recognized event, now operating with the blessing of The Edward Gorey Charitable Trust.
Goddess Temple of Orange County
Holds services every Sunday and there are other events during the week. This is a female dominated religion that believes in a female dominated society, but not necessarily in the context of BDSM. Nevertheless this religion is potentially of interest to Female Dominants in the BDSM lifestyle. Before getting involved it is recommended to read the reviews at Yelp.
Renaissance Faire, Santa Fe Dam Recreational Area, Irwindale.
All weekend days from the beginning April to mid May.
Discount coupons and advance tickets are available at the website.
There are many other Renaissance Faires throughout the year in Southern California. But this one is the big one. Many people in the Fetish Community are involved in it as Faire Staff, or working in the vendor booths, and especially actors up to the highest level. Information about the other faires, and Renaissance Faires in general, is available here
Rocky Horror Picture Shows
Sins O' Flesh
Midnight Insanity
Wild and Untammed Things
Parties at Gemini Manor in Hollywood Map
Gemini Manor's last party will be on Jan 24, 2015 unless investors can be found ASAP. If you are interested in participating in saving of Gemini Manor contact Alexander Lehr. Gemini manor is a much trasured party place in Hollywood.
Held regularly 8:00 PM on dates that are announced on the website.
An event calendar is on its web site.
Well attended by people in the Hollywood Entertainment industry, including musicians who perform in the sing alongs.
Location Info and Email List: Alexander Lehr (323) 666-7888 geminimanor@earthlink.com
More About Gemini Manor
Sunset Junction Street Festival
Every fourth weekend of August.

Conventions and Weekend Events

These are weekend events consisting of workshops in play technique throughout the day and dungeon parties in the evening. There usually is also an area for vendors to set up. Vendors from all over the country and even the world will vend at the major ones.

2 Days the third weekend of February in Burbank.
The third weekend of February.
Desire in Palm Springs
Yearly around May or June. A women's only event held in a private resort in Palm Springs. These weekend has is very much like the OCLA Sampler and was inspired by it at its start.
DomCon LA, CA
Yearly around April or May.
A weekend of seminars and dungeon parties.
This event is organized and managed by Mistress Cyan
Domestic Pet, Houseboy, and Sissy Maid Boot Camp
A one week event, March 23, 2014 at 4:00 PM - Saturday, March 29, 2014 at 8:00 PM
This event takes place in quarters where a lot of smoking is done. Expect to breath a lot of third hand smoke residue there.
Erotic City
Takes place yearly in early June at Los Angeles Pride. This is a dungeon set up with demonstrations as part of Los Angeles Pride. Erotic City's webpage at Los Angeles Pride.
$5 to for Friday Night's Carnal Carnival
$20 Online and $25 at the gate for general admission to Los Angeles Pride and its Erotic City during the day Saturday and Sunday.
Equus International Pony Play Event
The second weekend of August at Sanctuary LAX in Lennox.
A pony play event.
Internatioanal Olympus Leather
A yearly event the first or second weelend of August near the Los Angeles Airport. 3 Days. This is the event where the "Mr. & Ms International Olympus Leather Contest" is held.
LA Leather Weekend
This is a yearly event the first weekend in April held by the Los Angeles Leather Coalition.
LA Leather Pride weekend, featuring a Leather Roller Skating Night, Southland Honors, Workshops, Mr. LA Leather Contest, and L.A. Streetfest. Contestant Speeches. Held annually the first weekend in April. Events at various locations.
Los Angeles Kink Ball
This event takes place for the first time on President's Weekend Feb 16, 17, 18, 2007. Whether this will be a yearly event is unknown by me at this time.
The events take place at various locations in the Hollywood area and near downtown Los Angeles.
Palm Springs Leather Weekend
Once yearly in early November. The dates for 2006 are Nov 9-12.
Primarily Gay Male
Leather + Kink + Dance + Vendors + Seminars + BBQ + Pool Party Cruising Hot Men + Skin + Raunchy + Sizzling + More Men
This is a Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert event.
Pirate Invasion of Belmont Pier & Mermaid Festival
Once yearly the last weekend of June in Long Beach

Held once yearly in mid to late October in a resort in Palm Springs. An entire resort is taken over for this weekend event.

The Sampler offers each participant two one hour private one on one workshops in the presenters room in the resort. If you bring your own submissive the two of you are entitled to a total of four. The emphasis here is in learning by doing so it is best to bring a submissive to the workshop. If you do not own your own a volunteer male submissive is usually available (female volunteers will not be likely.) In addition to these one on one workshops there are group workshops as well.

The Sampler is also a dungeon party on the common grounds of the resort that starts in the early morning and lasts until the late evening. Dungeon furniture is set up on the common grounds of the resort. When not used in workshops they are available to the Sampler attendees.

Usually every room in the resort is assigned to a presenter and the attendees stay in hotels nearby. In some years there are rooms for attendees at the resort where it is held as well.

The Sampler is an OCLA event. Information about it is available at their website and also their Yahoo Group.

The Sampler isn't held every year. During those years there isn't one the "Taster" is the subsitute event.
Seaside Swats
The last weekend in April in Oxnard.
A weekend spanking party.
Servant's Retreat
Held many times during the year in different cities including Los Angeles. Schedule
A weekend of "who we are" training for servants/bottoms/slaves/boys/girls
The location in the Los Angeles area is given to those who register.
Sexual Health Expo
2 Days the third weekend of January in Los Anageles, California.
This event is about sexual health, and includes BDSM topics.
Rope Dojo with Midori
Cost: $300 for Singles, $500 for Pairs. (No single day tickets available.)
Limited to 28 people
The location between Korea Town and downtown Los Angeles is given to those who register.
Rubber Ball in Arcadia 18+
Once a yearly on Labor Day. $10 per person.
A night club event where dress incorporating bondage is in the dress code.
There has been BDSM play with Mistress Cyan present at past Rubber Balls. But for now there cannot be any for as long as it is held at the ABC due to zoning issues. The promotors are looking for another place to have it. Meanwhile there will be no BDSM play at the Rubber Ball for as long as it is held at the ABC.
Stars and Stripes
Held yearly on the Fourth of July weekend.
Organized by the Los Angeles Boys of Leather. Gay Male Only
West Coast Rubber Weekend
Yearly on Labor Day Weekend in Palm Springs
A weekend dedicated to hot, kinky as hell fetishists from around the globe. Rubber, spandex, dive gear, bdsm - it's all on for this event. Primarily Gay Male.

Other Sites With LA Fetish Scene Webpages

Has a newsletter that regularly lists other clubs and events besides their own.
BDSM_West Yahoo Group
Has a calendar of events for parties, club meetings, and workshops. This Group is owned by owners of the Passive Arts Studio.
Caryl's BDSM Page
Lady Badger
Lady Badger emails a weekly newsletter that lists Southern California events from her Yahoo SoCalSMEvents group.
Collar Chat's Upcoming Events

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