Selling Myself Into Slavery


Is it possible to sell myself into sexual slavery in the context of a BDSM lifestyle?

Real Life Slave Auctions
A Slave Girl Sale (c. 1892)
painting by Jos� Jim�nez Aranda

It is many a dominant man's or woman's fantasy not have to bother with the social skills and networking necessary to acquire a slave, and just simply buy one. And perhaps buy one at an auction such as dramatized here or here.

For the slave the feeling of being owned property can be greatly enhanced if the slave sees a slave purchase being made by money changing hands just as for any commodity.

But there are realities that make this scenario unlikely.

There was once a slave auction at While it was running it was plagued by such problems as slaves being bid up to astronomical amounts and beyond by bidders who had no intention of making a purchase, by people selling themselves for a limited amount of time which made them indistinguishable from prostitutes, and fraudulent offerers who would take the money and not deliver. So it was shut down, and that area of the site now functions as a place to post personals.

In 1996 there was a woman who went by the name of Amanda, and handle Baboox, who auctioned herself off at a BDSM oriented Usenet group. It appears she was genuine and successful.

In an age where ownership is by the consent of the owned there is nothing to assure the buyer will get what was paid for. The offer can be fraudulent, or the relationship might not work out. These difficulties make a BDSM oriented slave market impractical. This article has some things to say about this, and an attempt to make it practical.

Slave Auction (c. 1884)
painting by Jean-Léon Gérôme
There are BDSM clubs that host slave auctions, but it is understood at these events the duration of the enslavement is no longer than the duration of the dungeon party that immediately follows. On rare occasion a purchase at them happens to start a long term relationship. About these slave auctions. At these auctions the length of time offered is given on a sheet containing the slave's limits, and announced by the auctioneer once the slave is on the block. Not every slave wants to commit the entire remaining party time to a purchaser. An intriguing possibility at such an auction is for the person to be sold to offer the option of being taken home for a lifetime enslavement commitment. I have never seen this done at one, and there might be auction rules against it. Such an offer is contrary to everyone's expectation for such an event. So if such an offer were actually announced I am sure there would be some shock and awe.

I have heard a rumor of BDSM auctions where only real BDSM lifestyle slaves are to be sold for a lifetime commitment. These are only for slaves who are seeking a lifetime of committed consensual enslavement and seek to enter it by selling themselves into it. If true, these are private events that are never publicized, are purposefully difficult to find, and are meant to be found only by serious participants who are carefully vetted. This web page solicits information from those that would run such slave auctions, and from those that want to be sold at one. In the past attempts to follow up on such rumors have led nowhere. If you become aware of such an auction please contact me.

The best way is to be in a situation where you can choose carefully who your owner will be. These are at the BDSM clubs that can be found using keywords such as "BDSM Club" or "Fetish Scene" plus the name of your county or city, or at online social networks such as this one. There is a list of such clubs for the Los Angeles area here. It would not be the sale you might be seeking, but for a female you can still consider it a sale in the context of Briffault's Law.

Should you find a way to be sold to the highest bidder, before doing so consider that there will not be a way to know if you will be physically attracted to your buyer, or whether you will be happy under your owner's dominance style. This style can range from being as gentle as Robert J Rubel's, to being as strict and brutal as the late Ingrid Bellemare's.

For those situations where you are to be kept (as in entirely financially dependent on the owner), beware that once you become financially dependent you will be trapped. Unless you have family or friends to take you in leaving may no longer be an option. It is because this is an era of inadequate social services to prevent homelessness, and a poor job market. Once a female is in her late thirties and early forties it will be too late to find another man.

Also slave trapping by blackmail has become a trend, and another way to trap is Internal Enslavement. Mind control has become a trend in slave training.

There are Owners who would assist dependent slaves who want out to become independent and self sustaining. There are others who will not. In this latter case your enslavement then has the potential to become just as real and inescapable as would be if slavery were legal and you were legally owned.

About prolonging youthful appearance.

Second Life Slave Auctions

Second Life is a user created 3D universe that runs in computer simulation. Just about evreything you can do in real life, you can do in this simulated unveverse. This includes tennis, sailing, dancing, partying, warfare, etc. To people active in Second Life this is not just a role play video game. The relationships, emotions, and emotional bonding, is real as in real life. Relationships can, and often do, migrate to real life live in relationships. And just as there is in real life Master/Mistress and skave relationships, there is also in Second Life the same such relationsips. These relationships also can, and often do, migrate to real life live in relationships. In this way Second Life can be a social networking site for people of common interest to find each other. And slave auctions that take place in Second Life is one of the ways it happens there.

The new account opening process starts with an initial avatar to use. Once chosen you will land in Learning Isle where those new to Second Life learn the basics of communicating, and moving the avatar. There is now fee for opening this account and exploring second life. However, looking attractive is just as important in Second Life as it is in real life. So it will be necessary to spend money on a mesh avatar, and fitted mesh type clothing.

After doing the tutorials on Learning Isle, it will be crucial to learn how to role play on Second Life. There are practices and terminology necessary to know for your roleplay to go smoothly. Here are Second Life landmarks to some resources about doing this:

Second Life's Role Play Tutorial
The Role Play Trail

Gor is a series of novels written by John Norman. Slavery, especially for women, is a prominent theme in them. Gor has a large presence in Second Life, where there are sims that replicate as much as practicle, the gorean lifestyle. Below are some resources specific to how to roleplay in Gor. They include teachings on how to roleplay a slave on Gor, and a lot of those teachings are applicable in real life. Any roleplay in Second Life is habit forming, and so can, and will, influence your personality in real life.

Gorean roleplay training:
Dance School in the Oasis - The training here is how to roleplay dance, and put together dance animations for your avatar.
Farnacium and the Gorean Basic Training Academy
The Gorean Campus Website:
Tosar Village
BDSM Training & Social
Fadel Family Home and Femme Perfection Institute
FEMDOM - Velvet Thorn - Website:
Slave auctions:
Aphrodite Slave Auction
Leather and Lace Slave Auction resort
Slave Auction Group - Live and silent slave auctions
PoD Slave Auction BDSM Resort Website:
Slave Land - Slave matching and sale
** Gorean Slave Finder **

Prepare to be owned

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