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This page contains links to manufacturers and vendors for BDSM equipment that I have accumulated over many years. They were collected from web searches and directly from their vender tables at BDSM events I attended. Not all of them are not specifically BDSM related but vend products useful to us. I intend to eventually create an online database that can output a list vendors that sell a given category of product. To be added to this list contact me. If you find any links here that are out of date please contact me about that also.

Whether it is floggers, whips, chains, slave collars, padlocks, paddles, cuffs, handcuffs, stocks, St Andrew's Crosses, bondage beds, dungeon furniture, male and female chastity devices, violet wand and other electrical play devices, bellydance supplies for your slave harem, bondage rope, cages, fetish clothing for Masters, Mistresses, and slaves, dildos, or vibrators you will find your bdsm gear at the vendors listed here.

This page is equipment oriented. For books please see "The Educational Book List", and "The Fantasy Fiction Book List". For videos please see the "Educational Movie List" and the "Fantasy Fiction Movie List."

Master Romeo's Equipment Sources

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Product Reviews and Vendor Directories
Vendor Directory Sites
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Equipment Vendors
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Book & Movie Lists

The Educational Book List
The Educaitonal Movie List
The Fantasy Fiction Book List
The Fantasy Fiction Movie List

Content Reviews and Content Vendor Directories

Free Bound
Bondage Directory
Bondage Links
Bondage Listings
Bondage Top Sites
Bondage Watch
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These are manufacturers that distribute only through retailers. Lists of retailers can be found at this sites.
Eros Tek
Folsom Electric Company
Lehigh Group
Katie's Lighthouse
Langman Ropes

Product Reviews and Vendor Directories

These sites review products and list vendors and manufacturers.
Adult Toy Reviews
Bullwhip FAQ
Chastity Belts, Altar Boy
The Henna Page
Kinky World
Scent of Eros
Sex Toy Reviews
Yossie's Handcuff Collection

Vendor Directory Sites

Adult Shopping Guide
Fetish Link

Featured Vendors

Bondage Shop
Unique Handmade Bondage & SM Leather Gear

Equipment Vendors

12.11 Kink
1st Bondage Blacksmith
4 Restore
665 Leather and Fetish Company
Abraided Leather
Acco Chain and Accessories
Adam & Eve
Adam and Gillian's Sensual Whips and Toys
Adult Toy Chest
Aislin's Collared Designs
Aja Rope
All About Rainbows
All About Romance - Sexy Lingerie
All Padlocks
Allegro Medical
A-M-F Korsets
Amazon - Do searches for "slave collars", "bondage cuffs", "floggers", "whips", etc
Anna's Erotic Art
Antique Iron Beds
Anton's Latex
Arcane's Attic
Art Of Steel
Aussie Whip Maker
Autoblow 2 Blowjob
Backyard Blacksmith - How to do your own blacksmithing.
Bad Attitude Boutique
Bare Leatherworks
B.A.R.E. Restraints
Bear's Leather
BDG Sales
BDSM Chastity
BDSM-Dungeon Discounters
BDSM Store, The
BDSM Toy Box
BDSM Wax Play
Better Built Bondage Book, The
Beverly Heels
Big Bob's Knife Shop
Bigger Harder Faster
Big Head Studio
Bigger Harder Faster
Black Body
Black Market Chicago Web Catalog - CBToy
Blackstore Universe
Black Sun Products
Blue Diamond Trading Company
Body Hose
Bonds of Steel
Bondage and Fetish Store
Bondage And Lace
Bondage Bed, The
Bondage Dungeon Gear -- Bondage and Fetish pictures, toys, and equipment
Bondage Fetish Store
Bondage Furniture Store
Bonds of Steel
Bonnie & Clyde bondage furniture
Boot Dungeon
Boss Bondage
Brent Ingram Design
Bunny Flogger
Buy Sexy Stuff
By The Sword
Cage Express Industries
Captive Pleasures
California Metal Design
Cane IAC Spanking Toy Store
Caning Shop, The - Do not tell what you want their canes for. This is not a fetish vendor.
Cannon's Great Escapes
Castle Art & Imports
Cat House
Chainmail & More - fantasies in metal
Chainmail Guy
Chaotic Creations
Chastity Desires
Cheap Lubes
CJ's Leather
ClubFEM Male Chastity Device
Cobra Whips
Coco de Mer
Coffin Couches
Collar Factory
Columbia Basin Knot Company
Country Wares
Cuffs 'N' Stuff Entry Page
Cuffs Land
Darkfall Designs
Dark Garden
David Morgan
David Steele
Delicious Boutique and Corseterie
Deep Stealth Dungeon
Deviant Elegance Designs
Dr. Clockwork's Home for Electrical and Medical Oddities
Dream Girls Subliminal Slave Training Program Before buying consider this.
Dungeon Artificer, The
Dungeon Delights
Dharma Trading Company, Acid dyes for synthetic rope
Discount Candles
Discount Handcuff Warehouse
Dominatrix Lingerie
Dominatrix Store, The
Dragon Weave
Draggons Lair
Dream Lover Labs
Dungeon Beds
Dungeon Delights
Dungeon Discounters
Dungeon Sales
Dungeon Steel
e Restraint
Eagle Leather
Eclips Leather
Edge Play Gear
Elegant Collars
EM Brand Whips
Enviro Systems
Eros Restraints
Erotic Toy Town
Eskaytee Bush Leather Craft
Eternity Collars
Exciting Toys
Exquisite Restraint
Extreme Restraints
Exo Belt
Faces of Fantasy
Fairy Gothmother
Fantasies in Leather
Fantasy Leather Works
Fet Jeweler
Fetish Central
Fetish Factory
Fetish Factory Online Catalog
Fetish Home Factory
Fetish Sex Wear
Fetish Shop 24
Fetish Stash
Fetish Toy Box
Fetish Wear
Fetish Zone
Fettered Pleasures
Flirt Lingerie
Fort Troff
Foxy Furniture
Frank's Cane and Rush Supply - Do not tell what you want their canes for. This is not a fetish vendor and they are not fetish friendly.
Frederick's of Hollywood
Friendly Little Dungeon
Frisky Business Boutique
Frugal Domme, The
Gentle Medusa
Global Bio
Good Vibrations
Gothic Home
Gothic Styles
Grand Opening
Greenery Press
Halfway Creations
Handcuff Warehouse
Handcuff Shop, The
Handmade Rope
Hanson Paddle Company
Happy Tails
Health Mark Industries
Heartwood Whips of Passion
Heathen Boutique and Firebird Leather
Heavy Leather
Heavy Red
Hell for Leather
Hemp Emporium, The - Good souce for hemp bondage rope. This is not a fetish vendor and rope has not been processed for bondage use.
Hilary's Vanity
Holo Whips
Hoss International
Hot Steel Toys
House of Collars
House of Two
Hoyden Gear
Hunny Bunny Love
Industrial Disease Toys
Jade Rope
Jackie's Crafts
Jagua Art
Jagua Tattoo
Jenna's Love Shop
Jonrhus of Gor
Just Chic Boutique
K Medical Supply
Kanojo Toys
Ken's Twisted Mind
Kept For Her
Kink Engineering
Kink Shop, The
Kinky Angel
Kink Bazaar
Kinky Beds
Kinky Medical
Kinky Ropes
KJ Canes
Knight's Edge
Late Night Leather
Latex Store, The
Le Chateau Exotique
Leather and Kink
Leather By Danny
Leather Creations
Leather Etc
Leather Man, The
Leather Masters
Leather Men Store
Leather Me Home Page!
Leather Post
Leather Up
Leather Werks
Lewbari Store, The
Leyland Craftwork
Lip Service
Lingerie Diva
Locked In Steel
Love Bites - Vampire Gloves
Lover's Knot Rope Company
Lust Designs
Mada Medical Products
Madame Butterfly's Handmade Silk Rope
Madam S
Maia Toys
Mature Metal
Madame Giggles' Whack Shack
Male Chastity Now
Male Chastity Products
Martin's Rigid Cuffs - Click on the US keyhole to the left to get in. To see this equipment in action:
Iron Wind Metals Online - Maker of figurines, some with dragon, warrior, bondage, captive, and slave themes.
Marvelous Mayhem
Master Lock
Masters in Steel
Mature Metal
Maui Kink
Meana Styles
Medical Mail Order
Medical Toys
Meo Team
Metal Bound
Medieval Collectibles
Midnight Blues
Mind Fetish Bedding Company
Mistress Ivey's Adult Sex Toy Store
Mink of 9 Tails
Mistress Ivey's Toys
Mistress Lori's World of Chastity
Mistress Ravine
Modig's Custom Furniture
Mojave Outliers
Monkey Dungeon
Mr B
Mr S Leather
Ms Martha's Corset Shoppe
M T Leather Products
Monkey Dungeon
Murphy Whips
Museum Replicas
My Loveable Legs
My Love Machine
MySteel Chastity
Nasty Pig
Native American Exotics
Native Earth
Naturally Naughty Sex Toys
Nature's Body Art
Northern Whips
Northbound Leather
NZ Adult Toys
Octaviana Corsetry
Orchid and Serpent
Orgasm Alley
Paddle Your Drawers
Paddles of Distinction
Pandora & Pendragon
PantherProwLs Enterprizes
Pass Castle
Passional Boutique
Passion Discreet
Passional Toys
Paul C Leather
Pendragon Chainmail
PES Adult Access Control
Phoenix Prime's Adult Bookstore
Pirate Fashions
Pjur USA
Pleasure Chest, The
Pleasure My Spot
Pleasure Paradox
Pleasure Playz
Pleasure Whips
Prophets Toy Bag
Prysm Creations
Pretty Pervy
Quality Whips by Victor Vella
Rainbow Rope
Ravenswood Leather
Raw Candles
Regulation London
Renegade Lingerie
Rimba Store, The
Ring of Steel
Robotic Blow Job
Rocks Off
Roddick Gear
Rods by Rane
Rope Extremes
Rough Trade
Royal Whips
Rubio Leather
Rupert Huse
Salagnome - The perfectly creepy dungeon display piece to show what happens to unruly slaves. :)
RW Rope
S.A.M. Co Scene Wear
Sartan's Workshop
Sax BDSM & Bondage Fetish Shop
Saxon Dungeon Furniture
Semerling & Schaefer Mask Studios
Scott Paul Designs
Sex and Metal
Sex Electric
Sex Machines
Sex Toy Bargains
Sex Toy Fun
Shel Don Chicago
Shocking The House
Shop Sound Boatworks
Shotgun Video
Shrine Store
Si Davey Whips
Silent Vampire
Sissy Store
Skin Tight
Skin Two
Slave for Love
Slave Register, The
Slick It Up
SM Factory
Smitten Kitten
Snake Pit Leather Works
Spanking Paddles by Walt
Spank Sticks
Spices for Love
Sport Sheets
Square Peg Toys
Stargazer Semi-Permanent Tattoo Pens - For branding slaves with commitment issues.
Station House
Steel Pleasures
Steel Werks Extreme
Stormy Leather
Strictly Leather
SubSpace Leathers
Subliminal Sex Audio Before buying consider this.
Sub Shop
Super Model Boutique
Sword and Stone, the
Taboo Leather
Tek-SM Fashions
Toolworks Chicago
Top Lingerie Shops
Tower of London, The
Toys Just For Boys
Tr´┐Żume aus Esterdahl
Trinity's Jewelry
Twisted Bear, The
Twisted Monk
Twisted Stitches
Unique Style Solutions - Follow the link to wrought iron furniture.
Unrestrained Designs
Vamps & Tramps
Venus Ropes
Vegan Erotica
Very Alternative Furniture
Very Latex
Violet Wand Store
Violet Wanda Inc
Vixen's Visions
Vitality Web - Follow the links to Tens units
Walraven - This is a directory of necklaces, some of which are slave collars made from precious metals.
Water Hole - Pony Play Equipment
Wartenberg Wheel
Westward Bound
Western Stage Props
Whereify - Know where your slave is at any time!
Whipman, The, Peter Jack
WIAN Studios
Wicked Touch Unlimited
Wild Free
Wilsons Leather
Wire Ropes and Slings Locations
Witchcraft Supplies
Wolf Princess Designs
World In Chains
Worn Out West 2nd Generation
Wrought Iron Company, The
Wyred Slave
Your Adult Toy Store

Live Private Webcam Shows

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