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BDSM Club Listing Sites

Adult Directory, The
BDSM Events Page, The
BDSM--find the local scene near YOU!
C&C National bdsm links
Calgary Leather House - Western Canada
caryl's BDSM Page
Clubs and Organizations
Fetish Auctioneer is your premier Fetish Auction for BDSM & Adult toys, bondage gear, leather & latex!
Fetish Noir
Gloria Brame's Kinky Links Catalogue - BDSM Organizations By Geographic Location
Informed Consent - the leading UK BDSM website
Janus/Other Online SM Groups
Los Angeles BSDM Resource List
Out of the Shadows: Groups and Munches
Rose Garden, The
Vancouver Leather's BDSM Group Listings (local)
\/\/hale's Tank[tm], The

BDSM Event Listings

Leather Page
BDSM Events Page
BDSM Event, BDSM Events, Munch, Social, Fetish Ball
BDSM West Calendar
The BDSM West Calandar lists dates of events for Southern California. Click on "Month" above the calendar to the right to get an overview of an entire month. On rare occasion the dates on this calendar have been out of date or inaccuarate. Independent verification with the event organizers is recommended. BDSM West is a Yahoo Group.
Jay Moyes's "The Blacklist"
The Blacklist lists dates of events for Southern California. Can also be viewd at Avn Insider, click on the link beneath Jay Moyes's picture to the right.


These are links to the consensus charters and usenet charters for their respective groups. To get along with others in the newsgroup, and to prevent complaints to your ISP, it is best to read them before participating.


Yahoo Groups

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