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If you find what you read in these pages disturbing you have a duty to write your congressman and your senator. You can follow the progress of bills you write them about as well as look at voting and sponsorship records at

The information on these pages is presented at some risk to myself. So please be advised that I am in good health, and am enjoying life with every desire to stay alive. I am entirely absent of any suicidal thoughts.

FSC Congressional Report Card
Find out how your Congressman and Senator have voted on free speech issues. Your district and the names of your congressman and senator can be looked up at the these write your Congressman and your Senator sites.

USA Elections

Police State USA

THE campaign poster to end all posters...

You have a safe deposit box at a bank to keep your most valued items safe from theft. I bet you never thought the items you had there would be stolen by the state government.

Joe Smith: A comment on Globalization

Apocalypse Now: How Mankind is Sleepwalking to the End of the Earth

In another sign the One World Government is coming the United States has lost sovereignty over the vitamin intake it can allow its citizens.

Support legislation against Spam!

Radioactive Hell in the Garden of Eden

Big Brother is Watching You

The Propaganda Matrix

'Twas The Death Of The Dollar

Help Make Constitutional Compliance An Issue In The 2008 Campaign

What really happened to Nick Berg.
Support the war in Iraq or else!

Bohemian Grove Infiltrated
Was that a real person our New World Order leaders burned to death in an occultic sacrificial rite?

The new assault by King Bush and the Tyrannical Puritanicals on your First Amendment freedoms.

The Coming World Population Correction
What reindeer on St Mathews Island has to do with the price of oil and your future survival.

Stop The "Help America Vote Act"

The Fourteen Characteristics of Fascism - Any of these sound familiar?
I do not agree with everything in the articles in this link. But they do present many disturbing points.

The Propaganda Matrix: What the American News Media is Forbidden to Report

BDSM Lifestyle Under Attack!

Flying somewhere? Before you go, take a look at this.

One World Government Coming Soon to a Jurisdiction Near You

Who Is A Terrorist?

Fight Judicial Corruption

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