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Perhaps the insurgents in the Nick Berg execution video just happened to be better fed that the typical iraqi. They are supposedly foreign after all.

It might have been the insurgents were making a statement by dressing Nick Berg in an orange jump suite just like the ones prisoners kept by the U. S. wear at Guantonimo Bay and elsewhere. Or maybe they were somewhat in agreement with Mary Queen of Scott's fashion statement.

It could have been just a coincidence that the chair on which Nick Berg sits in the video is exactly like one at Abu Ghraib Prison. Maybe there are many chairs just like it in Iraq.

Maybe there is a reason there was no large outpouring of blood where surgeons who claim there should have been do not know about.

Maybe the Jordanian Zaraqawi speaks several dialects and did not happen to use his native one in this video.

Or could it be there is some truth to the outlandish claims of conspiracy theorists that this video has been faked?

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