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The movie Matrix was about a people who lived their lives in a computer simulation so real only a very a few of them realized they weren't perceiving the real world. The rest of them were entirely oblivious to it. This is a perfect allegory to the world most americans are living in today. Just like the computer simulation in the movie there is a news media monopoly altering the reality of the world Americans believe they are in. The reality of what they perceive is being altered to what the powers that be want americans to believe.

Most american's image of America as the equivalent of a masked man on a white horse, dressed in white clothing and white hat, galloping into town to the tune of the William Tell Overture, to help the local sheriff who finds himself in over his head, and to right the wrongs going on there. But the color of his horse and clothing along with the sound effects have been edited uisng the news monopoly's computers. The reality perceived by the sheriff and the people of the town is a man on a black horse, black clothing and hat, with a mask reminiscent of a bandit, sneaking into town to the theme music of the movie Jaws. His help, if it is that, always comes at the price of some nefarious ulterior motive of his.

This is a webpage of links to sites with news unedited and unfiltered by the American News Monopoly's "Propaganda Matrix."

Stefan Molyneux's YouTube channel

The Sleuth Journal

The Falling Darkness

Special Operations Speaks

Collapse .News

Fukushima Watch

Alternative News

Ed Opperman's YouTube Channel

Bill Still
Bill Still's YouTube Channel

Dark Journalist

Truth Revolt

Le`gal In`sur`rec`tion

Ron Paul Institute

Judicial Watch

Real Econ TV

The Conservative Tree House


Independent Living News

Information Liberation

World Net Daily

Western Journalism

Rise up for America

Dark Secret Place
This is a weekly radio program. In it Brian Suits discusses world events that often gets little attention from the media. Many times he brings his perspective from his militay experiences into it.

The Liberty Crier

Russia Today
This is Russian government funded so there are some articles here having a Russian propagandist's point of view. There are nevertheless plenty of articles of interest here that cover news the western news monopolies do not want to.

The US Courts Engage in Large-scale Fraud on the People


End of the American Dream

Public Intelligence
Of special interest on this site: Terrorists’ Interest in Attacking Theaters and Similar Mass Gatherings

Information Liberation

Death by China

Updates on Fukashima
Current events at Fukashima as explained by Arnie Gunderson, Chief Nuclear Engineer

The war on terrorism has been used to justify sacrifices of civil liberties and constitutional principles. How much of this war was manufactured to that end?
The Last Word on Osama bin Laden

Lew Rockwell

The Gunderson Report

The Gulf Blue Plague

Truth Out

Free Documentaries

John Williams' Shadow Government Statistics
Analysis Behind and Beyond Government Economic Reporting
Have you ever wondered why the CPI, GDP and employment numbers run counter to your personal and business experiences? The problem lies in biased and often-manipulated government reporting.

The "Kick Them All Out" Project

News With Views

The United States is accustomed to being the richest, freest, and most powerful nation earth. This is repidly changing. The deindustrialization due to manufacturing going over seas, trade imbalances, massive national debt and a failed educational system is causing the United States to rapidly become an undeveloped third world nation. Information about how this came to be and how to protect yourself:
Gerald Celente
Peter Schiff - Recommended are his weekly Wall Street Unspun audios.
National Inflation Association
The Inevitable Collapse of the Dollar

The August Review

These two web sites explain how and why the economy of the United States is collapsing:
Indiana Honest Money, Peter Schiff

Oath Keepers

Prison Planet

The Corbett Report

Pajamas TV
Of special interest on this site: MSNBC & The Great Liberal Narrative: The Truth About The Tyranny of Political Correctness

Red County
Of special interest on this site: The Fundamental Transformation of America...

Info Wars
Of special interest by Alex Jones: The Fall of the Republic, ENDGAME: Blueprint For Global Enslavement


Center for Freedom and Prosperity

Tax Day Tea Party

Full Disclosure

Zuma Times
This is Zuma Dogg's website who is renown for exposing the behind the scenes shenanigans of the Los Angeles City Government. Of special interest on this site is the link to an LA Weekly article about AT&T's effort to shut down Public Access TV he has used to shed sunlight on it.

LA Weekly

After Downing Street

The Daily Newscaster
Of special interest: Barack Obama puts his audience in hypnotic trance
Will Barack Obama be the hypnotic president?

Project Censored

News With Views
Of special interest for the upcomming election: Obama Must Stand Up or Stand Down. This is about a likely consttitutional crises if Obama is elected. Also Stepping to Perdition about the wrecking of the U. S. economy.

Global Research
Of special interest: It’s Official: The Crash of the U.S. Economy has begun.

Jihad Watch

Beverly Harris's Black Box Voting site.
The other Black Box Voting Site
These sites are about how your vote was stolen in past elections.
Beverly Harris's "Loose Change - Voting Hanky Panky" and "Hacking Democracy"on Google Video.

Iraq For Sale
This is a DVD that has shocking information about the U. S. corporate and government corruption that is costing soldier's lives and U. S. taxpayer money. This DVD can be purchased or screening a private home near you can be arranged at MoveOn.org.

This American Life
This is a radio show heard weekly on National Public Radio. An archive of audio files of every show is on their website. The topics are varied with a few them being of interest politically. One such program is "Habeas Schmaebeas" with shocking testomonial about innocent Guantanamo Bay prisoners being tortured. This one lays bare the truth about the kind of people being held there. Another one that has nothing to do with propaganda but of extreme interest to anyone wanting to know humane nature is "Unconditional Love." It is about the human need for love and what happens to humans who do not have it. Information about the Harry Harlow experiments is part of it.

Immigration Watchdog
On January 26, 2005 Juan Manuel Alvarez parked his Jeep Grand Cherokee in the path of a Metrolink train and caused the Glendale Train Crash that killed eleven passengers. It was reported in the news he did this in attempt to commit suicide. Then he changed his mind, could not move his jeep out of the way, and so abandoned it to be hit by the train. But this was no suicide attempt. It was an act of terrorism. For the story behind this see the video "The Aztec Al-Qaeda."

Quantum Shift


Foreign Policy Magazine

The Arctic Beacon

Congressman Ron Paul

The American Free Press

Gold Anti Trust Action
Of special interest in this site: U.S. Government Manipulation of the Stock Market

Ashley Mote MEP

Dissident Voice

Wayne Madsen Report

Third World Traveler

Bye The Times

The Downing Street Memo

World Net Daily

Conspiracy Planet

Get US out!

Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation

Change Links

The Empire Journal

Break For News

State Environmental Resource Center

Fighting Bob

Media Transparency

Thought Crime News

Mother Jones

Consortium News

Greg Palast

Propaganda Matrix

The Memory Hole

Jeff Rense

What Really Happened

This Modern World

American Patriot Friends Network

If you find what you read in these pages disturbing you have a duty to write your congressman and your senator. You can follow the progress of bills you write them about as well as look at voting and sponsorship records at http://www.govtrack.us.

The information on these pages is presented at some risk to myself. So please be advised that I am in good health, and am enjoying life with every desire to stay alive. I am entirely absent of any suicidal thoughts.

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