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At stake is our ability to hold educational events and live our BDSM lifestyle in peace. "Republican presidential candidates Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, and Newt Gingrich have all told the group Morality in Media that they would enforce federal obscenity laws that prohibit the distribution of pornography." "Romney campaign quietly promised ‘vigorous’ porn crackdown, Reagan prosecutor says". This does matter to us because politicians who are hostile to pornography are just about always hostile to our lifestyle also. BDSM events have come under attack in the past. The only politicians who have a philosophy by which we will be left alone, and the only true fiscal conservatives who are serious about reversing our current course toward spending our country into oblivion, and will reverse the trend toward the USA becoming a police state, are those endorsed by the Republican Liberty Caucus.

Even if you vote for candidates the Republican Liberty Caucus endorses, and any of them lose, your vote is not wasted. Politicians pay attention to the amount of support a rival's stand on issues gets and this does influence them, just as those who have seen the support Paul Ryan has have been influenced. You are voting more for the strength of ideas, ideals, a message, and a messenger then you are for a person.

It is hypocritical of all three of them to make this pledge to Morality in Media while at the same time running on a platform of smaller government and reduced intrusiveness into our lives. Their pledge means they care nothing about First Amendment rights. They care nothing about Constitutional prohibition against retroactive law. The obscenity laws are retroactive because there is no legal definition of obscenity and in any particular case it is not defined until a jury defines it at trial.

The movie "2016: Obama's America" is in the theaters now. Obama promised change in his 2008 campaign but he avoided explaining what change he intended. Each of his supporters read into Obama's nonspecific promise and hope for change what they wanted to believe. This movie explains his true anti-colonialist motivation for the change he has already done, and what change he intends to move forward to his next four years without reelection concerns. The changes he intends are other than the changes most of his supporters read into his change promise. The changes are other than a future of prosperity, freedom, and world superpower leadership for the USA.

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