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You, and every other U. S. Citizen, are essentially have lost your right to vote public officials into office, whether it be a local judge, mayor, federal or state senators, and congressmen, or even the president of the United States.

In 2002, Congress passed the "Help America Vote Act." As is typical of federal or state legislation, this act does the opposite of what its name implies. We saw this when we lost our fourth amendment right to be secure in our papers (records in today's terminology) when Nixon passed the "Bank Secrecy Act," the seditious acts against most of our constitutional rights with the "Patriot Act," and many other examples too numerous to name. Now the relevance of your vote is threatened by the "Help America Vote Act."

This act requires every state to computerize, centralize, and purge voter rolls before the 2004 election. When this is done vote fraud on an unprecedented scale will be possible. Because there will be no paper trail to verify election results and voter rolls both of these can be edited quickly, easily, and untraceabley with just a few keystrokes. Do not think this will be a mere theoretical possibility unlikely to happen. True to Murphey's Law (if it can happen, it will) this type of computer fraud has already happened in the year 2000 election. Few people have been told the real story of Bush's victory over Gore. This victory was just as fraudulent as Kennedy's victory over Nixon in 1960:


The same computerized system that made possible the theft of the year 2000 and 2004 elections is what the "Help America Vote Act" now requires nationally.

Its not just the year 2000 election. Vote fraud has been a big problem for a long time:


You must contact your federal and state congressmen and senators, and you must get politically active on the county level.

The "Help America Vote Act" is not a bill being debated. This is law that has been passed, and is being implemented right now. To save your voting rights you must act now!

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If you find what you read in these pages disturbing you have a duty to write your congressman and your senator. You can follow the progress of bills you write them about as well as look at voting and sponsorship records at http://www.govtrack.us.

The information on these pages is presented at some risk to myself. So please be advised that I am in good health, and am enjoying life with every desire to stay alive. I am entirely absent of any suicidal thoughts.

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