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Setting Your Computer to the Exact Time
Clothes Washing Techniques - Save That Black!
To Participate in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, Cutting Edge Genetic Research, Disease Cures, and Climate Change Research
Free Open Source Software
ARP Poison Routing and the Security of Your Internet Connection
A Simple Trick for Thieves to Open Your Front Door
How to Create a Productive Garden or Farmland Without Fertilizer
Build Your Own High Fidelity Speaker from a Foam Plate in Ten Minutes
A Quantum Physicist discusses the Afterlife
How to Judge the Length of a Man's Penis Before Seeing Him Naked

Setting Your Computer to the Exact Time

You can use the Internet to set your computer to the exact time. The accuracy will be on the order of half a second or less depending on the route to your computer from the time server. The time server is at the National Institute of Standards Technology, NIST. They are the world's time keepers. Every clock in the world is ultimately referenced to them.

Follow the "Internet Time Service" link at their Time and Frequency website. Do the appropriate downloads for your operating system from the "Public Domain NIST Software" links on upper right side of this page and follow the instructions in the PDF files. When you run the program what is displayed is your computers current uncorrected time. To correct this time to the NIST time standard select the menu item Query Server | Now. A message window will open showing you how much your computer's time has been corrected by. If you do this repeatedly you might get corrections as large as half a second to ten milliseconds (.01 seconds) or less. All depends on the variability of the route from the NIST server to your computer. A computer's clock is not very accurate. A typical computer will need this done at least once a month.

Clothes Washing Techniques - Save That Black!

The most popular color in fetish atire is black. It is also the one that looks the worst after just a few washings. Tips on how to save it are on Cheer's Website.

To Participate in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, Cutting Edge Genetic Research, Disease Cures, and Climate Change Research

Your computer's idle time can be made into a highly valued resource to genetic researchers and extraterrestrial intelligence searchers who need all the computer time they can get. The principle is called "distributed computing." No single computer in the world is fast enough to do the amount of computing they need done. It would take hundreds of years working full time on the world's fastest computer. You can help by being one of thousands or millions who allow your computer to work on these problems during the times the processing time on your machine would otherwise be wasted. It is done by means of screen savers. Their screen saver programs start working on the calculations whenever your computer goes idle in accordance with your screen saver settings. These programs also provide neat looking high tech imagery when running.

In additon to the distributed computing project below there are others listed here. They require a dowmload of Boinc software.

Climate Prediction

This is the largest experiment to try and produce a forecast of the climate in the 21st century.


Now that the ability to read the letters of a genetic code has become common place researchers are trying to understand what the code says. They are researching the details of how the genetic code controls body structure. Their goal is to be able to read the genetic code and predict the structure of the organism it produces. Their website:


This screen saver analyzes the signals from the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) radio receivers. Their website:
SETI has already found several candidate signals in the sky. These are shown in their skymap (website is german language). If your computer is the one that happens to find what they are looking for you could be remembered in history forever.

World Community Grid

Does several different projects throughout the year for shape prediction of proteins. This leads to an understanding of their function which aids in the search for cures for diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Sars, and the like.
Their website:

Open Source Software

Open source software is written in a collaborative effort by many contributers. It is called open source because the source code is available to anyone to inspect and make contributions to. Both the source code and the executables created from them are distributed without charge. There are open source versions of most commercially available programs. Most of the time the open source versions are not as feature rich as their commercial counterparts but are still pretty good.

Protecting Your Computer
Clamwin - Antivirus. There is a recommendation that this be used with Winpooch. I do not recommend Winpooch because it causes extraordinarily slow computer performance due to high processor usage.
wipfw, FirewallPAPI, tdi_fw, DC Firewall- Firewalls
Microsoft Security Essentials
This firewall is not open source but still free and very good: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

Amaya - Web page editor. As with any web page editor it will still be necessary to know HTML.
Eclipse: Also has webpage editing tools along with PHP, Java, JScript, C++ editing and debugging tools.
Filezilla - File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Program. Transfers but does not synchronize at this time.
JFileSync: Synchronizes between directories on the same computer or across a network. This is not FTP capable. Since this is written in JAVA it is invoked by executing its .jar file (jfs.jar) in the lib subdirectory.
iFolder: Automatic file synchronizaton that takes place as soon as a file is saved. Synchronization can be peer to peer (two computers) or between a computer and an FTP server. The server, in turn, automatically updates other computers.
Gimp - Image Editor
Inkscape - Scalable Vector Graphics Editor
Open Clip Art Library
JAlbum - Web photo album creator.
PDF Creator - Create PDF Files from any application.
W3C and W3 Schools - HTML Tutorials

Office Applications
Open Office - Word Processor, Presentations, Spreadsheet, Drawing Images, and Database.
CDBurnerXP Pro - CD Burning

Gnu Open Source Software List for Windows
Chi 3 Open Source Software List for Windows and Linux

ARP Poison Routing and the Security of Your Internet Connection

You are in a hotel room and need to check your bank balance. You your trusty laptop is connected to the hotel's LAN with a cable. The banking session will be encrypted and the connection is by wire not WiFi so surely it is safe. When you get to the log in page of your bank's online service you get a warning message in a pop up window that says something about a "SSL key mismatch." Just another one of those pesky system messages that appear from time to time that no one understands and don't matter anyway. You are in a hurry to do you banking so you click "OK" on the message and proceed with the banking session.

But unknown by you another hotel guest just collected your username, password, and is watching and recording your every move. That hotel guest used ARP Poisoning to intercept all your internet traffic and not only can he watch everything your do, he can alter both the information you receive and send.

ARP Cache Poisoning
Why you should protect your wireless network with WPA - A YouTube Video
ARP Spoofing
Anatomy of an ARP Poisoning Attack

A Simple Trick for Thieves to Open Your Front Door

A file can turn any key into a master key that will open any lock the key can be inserted into. Its called a bump key and ninety five percent of the locks on doors and padlocks are vulnerable to them.

How to Create a Productive Garden or Farmland Without Fertilizer

The majority of the Amazon Rain Forest has very poor soil. Because it cannot retain nutrients it is productive farmland for only few years after slashing and burning. But about 10% of it is a rich and continually productive soil called Terra Preta. Recent discoveries by archaeologists show this soil is not natural. It was created from the naturally poor soil by an ancient civilization. The secrets of its creation are key to helping solve the problems global warming, and starvation.

The story of Peterson, and archeologist who did a lot of research on Terra Preta soils: Black Gold in the Amazon The biochemistry of Terra Preta: Terra Preta de Indigo. The book explaining how to create Terra Pretta Soils: Amazonian Dark Earths

Food self sufficiency will be an essential survival skill in the comming economic collapse in the United States. This website is about how an old backyard swimming pool was turned into a self-sufficient garden in a desert city: This is another family that has not only achieved self sufficiency but also produce enough organic food to sell: Path to Freedom

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