Subj: "Bondage and Beyond" -- Ramada Inn & Convention Center, Southfield, Michigan, Feb. 9-10    
Date:    01/13/2002 8:05:09 PM Eastern Standard Time    

From: (AFA-Michigan)

January 14, 2002

Ms. Gwendolyn Wright
Public Relations Manager
Ramada Franchise Systems
1 Sylvan Way, Parsippany, NJ 07054

Dear Ms. Wright:

We believe Ramada Inns to be a responsible and reputable American corporation that would not condone -- much less knowingly host on its premises (with a reduced room rate for attendees) -- live nude demonstrations of sexual torture and other acts that as advertised would violate multiple state laws regarding indecent exposure, gross lewdness, and gross indecency.

Thus, on the assumption that you are not aware of such activities currently being advertised to occur at a Ramada Inn in Southfield, Michigan, in early February, we are writing to bring this to your attention privately in hopes that you will immediately take steps to prevent such an event from seriously damaging the public's and family-friendly conventioneers' confidence in and assurance of a safe and inoffensive environment at Ramada Inns across the nation.

Based on our past experience with law enforcement agencies and the news media regarding such illegal displays, your cancellation of this scheduled activity may well prevent your Southfield property from being the site of a police raid or other law enforcement action that may draw unflattering attention to the hotel.

Ms. Wright, your corporate web site includes a news release regarding a 2001 promotional campaign, which reads:

"Baby boomers, the target audience, 'fondly will trips to the Ramada hotels of their youth.'  The promotion will feature free activity books for kids filled with games, puzzles, stories and stickers, among other fun items. 'People don't want to risk their precious vacations by staying at a fly-by-night hotel with no history,' (Steve Belmonte, Ramada president & chief executive officer) said."

In reply, and in hopes that you will assure us that Ramada Inns remains an appropriate venue for "family trips," we ask privately for now:

"Will parents want to risk their vacations and their precious children by staying at a hotel that's comfortable adding live nude demonstrations of sexual torture to its history? Will churches and other family-friendly organizations want to risk their conventions by staying at a hotel chain with a history of hosting sadomasochism seminars in the next hallway over?"

On behalf of the many Michigan families we represent, and like-minded families across the nation represented by our national affiliate (, we ask that you please assure us that Ramada Inns will not knowingly allow such activities (described as advertised in detail below) to occur on one of your properties.  If you desire a means by which to verify the number of families that share our concerns on such issues, in Michigan and nationwide, please let us know.

Thank you for your prompt response -- obviously, we hope -- well before the scheduled event February 9th.


Gary Glenn, President
American Family Association of Michigan
PO Box 1904  /  Midland, Michigan 48641
989-835-7978  /  810-222-5109 (fax)

The American Family Association of Michigan is the Wolverine State's premiere voice for the traditional family and traditional family values.  A recognized national leader on such issues, its activities have been reported on multiple occasions in Michigan, nationally, and even internationally by the Fox Report with Shepard Smith, MSNBC, CNN, the BBC, the Associated Press, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Washington Times, the Newark Star-Ledger, the Detroit News, the Detroit Free Press, Newhouse News syndicate, the Chronicle of Higher Education, Credo magazine, USA Radio Network, SRN News, CNS News, Family News in Focus, World magazine, Agape Press, and numerous other religious and secular print and broadcast media.


Found online at:

"Bondage and Beyond"
Presented by MiChatOhs and Michigan Rope
Saturday and Sunday, February 9-10
Southfield Ramada
17017 W. Nine Mile Rd.
Southfield, Mi.

"Two full days of workshops with Jay Wiseman and Deborah Addington.  Subjects will include Arm Harnasses for People of All Sizes, Hog-Ties, Lana White Body Harnasses, Rough Rope, Vaginal Fisting, Erotomancy, and Sacred Sexuality and Cutting (with Sir Nan)."

"You may see some or all of the following in this program: Male and female nudity, intentional infliction of pain, cutting of the skin with bleeding, and other intense consensual activities."

"The class (on vaginal 'fisting') will include...a demonstration."

"During demonstrations, the room temperature will be adjusted for unclothed subjects."

"He will pass on this knowledge to us by demonstrating and coaching the tying of erotic body harnesses that involve the genitals, both male and female."

"Ask for (Ramada's) special Michigan Rope rate when you make your reservation."