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Dedicated to web pages of interest to SM practitioners. Suggestions are welcome at To qualify there must be substantial free information and/or pictures. Preferred are nonvendor sites set up for the love of doing it. Vendors qualify that have a unique and not well known item.

If more than one URL is necessary to tell a complete story more than one is listed.

This web page is updated on or about the first of the month.

I would like to keep the older links up to date. If you find any of older links are out of date and you know where the site has moved to please let me know so I can update it. If when following any of those links you see a "this site has moved to" message please let me know so I can update it before the forwarding web page disappears.

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December 1997

I never thought of that as a meal:

November 1997

Betty Page is the greatest bondage model of all time. Photographs and drawings of her adorn many dungeon walls. Very often her image is used in contemporary art. Links to her pictures and information about her is in this hyperlist if sites:

October 1997

This month's web page is about the story of Baboox, who sold herself into slavery on the Internet last year. To see it go to:
Select the Old Datase, Enter "Baboox" in the "Search For "box and press return. Start with the link to the posting on 96/12/11, the 14th link.

Was she real?

September 1997

It has been said that the only knots you need to know for bondage is the Square Knot, and Overhand Knot (used in body harnesses). Although this is true it is also true that there are many other knots that increase your capabilities and come in handy. Need a quick release knot to anchor a bondage line to a bedpost? Try the Highwayman's Hitch. Need to make a line taut? Try the Tautline Hitch (for slippery rope three instead of two inner windings are necessary). These and many other useful knots can be found through these pages of links:

And for rocket scientists there is this stimulating discussion on knot tying theory:

Whew! I am glad somebody know this stuff!

By the way, how do you like the cover of September's Cosmopolitan? Looks to me like her wrists are bound together behind her! :-)

August 1997

This month's web page is that of a support group for submissive women.
There is information here of interest to Dominants as well:

July 1997

I have always wondered where those silvery, disk shaped, flying saucers came from:

June 1997

How old is the worlds oldest profession?
Is it possible the Essemians have it right?

Make love not war!  :-)

May 1997

In the coming anarchy will there be a feudal empire dominated by women?

April 1997

Who owns your body?
Is it yourself?
Is it your Mistress or Master to whom you have freely given it?
Or is it actually the State?
What happens over there can and does affect us here.

March 1997

This month's Web pages call attention to the worldwide problem of nonconsentual slavery.
Do you have a job offer to do shows in Japan?
Visiting Paris with your teenage daughter?
Before you go there are somethings you should know...
What is the purchase price of a slave?
A farm for raising slaves?
No comment:
A special series with pictures by the Ottawa Sun:
A video about the problem is available here:
These are of historical interest:
Insurance fraud is very old:
Ever wonder about the origin of the words "slave" and "kidnapper"?
That a girl!
What can I do?
American Anti-Slavery Group
Is our government doing more than studying the problem?
What else is being done?
What does the big picture of world events bode for the future? Will the problem get any better? Or are we at the dawn of a new dark age?
Ladies be careful!

February 1997

December's web page was about a device for men. This month it is the ladies turn:

January 1997

This could happen to you:

December 1996

Does your male slave have a roving eye? Leave it to the Femina Society to come up with an answer: