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Dedicated to web pages of interest to SM practitioners. Suggestions are welcome at To qualify there must be substantial free information and/or pictures. Preferred are nonvendor sites set up for the love of doing it. Vendors qualify that have a unique and not well known item.

If more than one URL is necessary to tell a complete story more than one is listed.

This web page is updated on or about the first of the month.

I would like to keep the older links up to date. If you find any of older links are out of date and you know where the site has moved to please let me know so I can update it. If when following any of those links you see a "this site has moved to" message please let me know so I can update it before the forwarding web page disappears.

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December 1998

Free Dragon!
DA's who allow the choice of our lifestyle to influence how much evidence they will prosecute on are a danger to us all. Help fight this unequal protection under the law!
November 1998

Truely a slightly different site:
October 1998

Are you traveling and want to find fetish activities where you visit?
Looking for it close to home?
Chances are you will find it at these sites:
September 1998

The art of Virgil Finlay
August 1998

July 1998

The slave positions of Gor:
So as not to bypass the warning page go here first:
And follow the links: INSTANT ACCESS | INSTANT ACCESS | Please Enter | Proceed to Index | Slave Positions with Photographs
June 1998

How it was done in the old days:
May 1998

There was a time when it was thought that anyone involved in SM belonged in an institution:
April 1998

To train a slave:
March 1998

Last March's Web pages were about the present day world wide problem of nonconsentual slavery. This March I return to the subject. Slavery is not a thing of the past. It flourishes illegally as well as sanctioned by governments.

Under what conditions is slavery legal in the United States?

What is the history of slavery in the Middle East?

Of slavery and religion:

Is slavery condoned by the Bible?

Moslem war of extermination:

Will there ever truely be peace in the Middle East?

Slavery History:

A forgotten reason for the Civil War:

How differently were slaves treated in North and South America?

Of slavery in the Sudan civil war:

Modern Day Slavery And Slave Trade In Sudan:

'Dateline NBC': Reports of Slavery in a Troubled Sudan

Young Girls Abducted By Government Troops

These sites have links to information:

Baltimore Anti-Slavery Society:

The Slave Market

Chattle Slavery

Of Child Slavery:

Child Slavery Stop

The Age of Child Slavery


Juvenile Prostitution

What happens to human rights in activists in Africa?

A book about slavery in Mauritania:

Articles in the U.S. Press:

Modern Day Slavery
How foolish. All they had to do was hire some Mistresses and men would have paid to do slave labor on their farm!
February 1998

Looking for handcuffs or leg irons? You will find the ones you need at this review site:
January 1998

Master Kinx has interesting insights for Doms and subs alike at his Training Academy: