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Dedicated to web pages of interest to SM practitioners. Suggestions are welcome at To qualify there must be substantial free information and/or pictures. Preferred are nonvendor sites set up for the love of doing it. Vendors qualify that have a unique and not well known item.

If more than one URL is necessary to tell a complete story more than one is listed.

This web page is updated on or about the first of the month.

I would like to keep the older links up to date. If you find any of older links are out of date and you know where the site has moved to please let me know so I can update it. If when following any of those links you see a "this site has moved to" message please let me know so I can update it before the forwarding web page disappears.

The Hidden Castle's Front Gate


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Thai Boycot Ended!

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December 2000 68 Visits

The Deviant's Dictionary
November 2000 71 Visits

Beware all male Tops and Doms! VAWA II has passed!
October 2000 104 Visits

The Gallent Rose
September 2000 63 Visits

Bob and Raven's SM Site:
August 2000 154 Visits

Master Bleu and Sweets:
July 2000 119 Visits

The case of John Robinson ( slavemaster ):,local/37748426.606

June 2000 118 Visits

Female Slave Forums - Punish The Pretty Little Slut:

Forums for the Pursuit, Capture & Enslavement of The Male:
May 2000 145 Visits

The House of WyndMyst. How slaves are trained on Gor:
April 2000 102 Visits

The Lady in Blue:
Especially recomended is the link to the "Wizbangs."

March 2000 84Visits

This month continues the March tradition of information on nonconsentual slavery.

Is the problem overblown?


Coalition Against Slavery in Mauritania and Sudan

When was the term "white slave trade" first used?

The American Anti-Slavery Group: There may be more slaves today then ever before in history: 27 million.

The Flags of Slavery


North Korean brides are for sale in China

Slave trade thrives in Sudan

When Christian groups buy slaves in the Sudan, do they keep the practice alive?


Current Social Issues in Ukraine

Traffic in Women for Prostitution from the NIS (Newly Independent States)

Crime & Servitude:An Exposť of the Traffic inWomen for Prostitution from the Newly Independent States

6 minors rescued from white slavery

African Gourmet Savagery
February 2000 102 Visits

A site for kidnap fantasies:

January 2000 89 Visits

A site of bondage art and photos: