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Click on the above image for an article on foreign interventionism by Congressman Ron Paul.


Once a government, any government, takes away a freedom for any reason, or pretext, almost never is the freedom restored. Not even when the original cause no longer exists.

Hypocracy in Action

Click on the above image for political cartoons featuring Osama Been Lousy

December 2001 149 Visits

All about hot wax play:
November 2001 131 Visits

BDSM play stimulates the production of hormones involved in lust and emotional bonding. When we play, we play with hormones. Hormones are one of our body's communication systems. It is also one of the ways we are genetically programmed to be rewarded for survival behavior for our genes. A reward we get for reproductive behavior is the hormone oxytocin. This hormone seems to be involved in all matters concerning reproduction. It is released during sexual activity and causes emotional bonding. It is one of the reasons sexual activity is also known as "love making."
October 2001 134 Visits

Women with unnaturally narrow waists do not look healthy to me and appear to me to be much to physically fragile. Personally I am not attracted to this. But the wearing of corsets is a part of the fetish community, and so this month's web page is about them.
Of special interest is the "Corsets Collars and Chains" link on the history page:
September 2001 66 Visits

Bondage University:
August 2001 73 Visits

Society for Human Sexuality
July 2001 114 Visits

Sorry Manners: Civility and Incivility in the Scene

June 2001 145 Visits

Tammad Rimilia, Gentleman Barbarian
May 2001 89 Visits

The Inquisition: How they did it for real in the old days.
April 2001 110 Visits

How to make dungeon equipment. Of special interest are the "Fucking Machines."

March 2001 86 Visits

This month continues the March tradition of linking to information about the appalling practice of present day nonconsensual chattel slavery. This is not something that only existed in a distant, primitive, and unenlightened past. It exists in those countries that sanction it and illegaly in those countries that don't, even the ones most respected for law and order. There are more slaves now than there ever have been in history. This includes an estimated 50,000 foreigners held illegaly in slavery in the United States. I will begin with some historical links of interest.

In the Old South, not all who were black were slaves. Some blacks were free and a few of these blacks were slave owners:

In early America, including the Old South, not all slaves were black:

How big is the problem?


Bosnia Herzegovina

The Burma-Slave campaign:

In the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge:

Cayman Islands
Profits from slave trafficking and slave labor must be laundered somewhere:

The one child per couple law in China has created a black market for female breeder slaves for desperate men:

Three in Guam charged with forcing Chinese women into sex slavery


POST-WAR KOSOVO - Latest hotspot for sexual slavery





CIA Report:



What does the big picture of world events bode for the future? Will the problem get any better? Or are we at the dawn of a new dark age?

February 2001 159 Visits

Ever wonder what is going inside a submissive's brain at play?

Of special interest is chapter 5, "Pain and Other Stressors." In SM pain play the point is to make the bottom feel good by using the pain to stimulate the release of the bodies natural opiates. Many SM players think of this this play as being addictive. The article describes evidence that natural opiate release in response to pain is enhanced by "social defeat." Being on the receiving end of play (being the bottom) has long been associated with subservience and slavery. Could this be because the dominance causes the same "social defeat" response in the submissive thereby enhancing the release of the submissive's opiates in response to pain? Could this explain addictive effects of pain play and subservience?

January 2001 89 Visits

You have read all 25 Gorean novels and can't remember which one had that great slave dance you want to look up? Answer: The site wide search engine at the City of Koroba: