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If more than one URL is necessary to tell a complete story more than one is listed.

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The Hidden Castle's Front Gate

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Model Sought for the Hidden Castle

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December 2002 585 Visits

Ambrosio's BDSM Site
November 2002 218 Visits

Consentual enslavement that cannot be escaped by self will due to unbreakable emotional bonds:
Internal Enslavement
October 2002 167 Visits

D/s from a Japanese perspective:
Shogun's Sweet Dreams
September 2002 163 Visits

There have been complaints lately that the world's best known auction site, Ebay, no longer allows kinky items to be sold there. One of the great benefits of free enterprize is that as soon as such a void is perceived someone will rush in to fill it. Such is the case at:
Fetish Auctioneer
August 2002 179 Visits

BDSM Shibari Kinbaku Japanese Rope Bondage:
July 2002 163 Visits

Whether by accident or design it frequently happens that someone gets a cut during SM play. With any cut there is a possibility of scaring. In the practice of "Cutting" the goal is body adornment by means of a scar pattern. In other play such as single tail the cut is usually accidental and it is desirable that scaring be avoided or minimized. This month's web pages are devoted to the causes of scars and how they can be minimized. Where scaring is the goal the advice given on these pages can, of course, always be reversed to maximize the scar.

This page is written for pharmacists to enable them to advise customers about over the counter wound and scar treatments:
Over-the-counter treatment of scars

This is a manufacturer of over the counter scar treatments:
Sypex Skin Science
June 2002 150 Visits

Finally an official Gorean website developed in partnership with Gor series author John Norman:
John Norman's World of Gor
May 2002 170 Visits

The first Enigma album "Sadeness" is very popular dungeon music. If you have been going todungeon parties regularly it is near certainty that you have heard it. Much of the language in it is incomprehensible to most people. If this weren't so the conveyed message would be a distraction to the scenes and it would not be the great dungeon music it is. But what do the words mean? A translation is available here:

How ironic. Many times I have done SM play to this music while wondering what was being said. Now I realize I was playing to lyrics asking me why I was doing what I was doing.

More information about Enigma is available at the Enigma Archives

April 2002 230 Visits

Eden - Gorean Slave Page
March 2002 77 Visits

This month continues the March tradition of information about present day nonconsentual slavery. Far from being a practice humanity has progressed out of, there are more slaves today then there ever has been in history.

How many are sold each year?

[Gsd-list] Millions of women bought, sold yearly
Council of Europe report puts the number of women sold each year at 4 million


Bibliography: White Slavery in America
Classroom Handouts: The Peopling of America
Black Slave Owners Civil War Article by Robert M Grooms
Slave Punishments
This is an abbreviated sample from the eBook Whatever Happened to Columbus
Review: They Were White & Slaves
Slavery and Slave Trade
Classroom Handouts: The Peopling of America


Human Trafficking




Traffic in Women in Asia-Pacific


China campaign cracks down on abduction of women, kids


The Dark Side of the New World Order -- Jan. 13, 1998
May/June 2001 - WANTED: A Few Good Women

India : Girls Forced Into Prostitution
Becoming A `Servant Of God.' Devadasis are Dalit women sold into sexual slavery.
Barbara's Beat - 27 February, 1997
Women sold like animals in Sindh - [13/06/2000] - The Hindustan Times
I was sold for $200 and now Iím a sex slave


Jews and the White Slave Trade
The Age: Israel's `sex slave' trade revealed
Blonde Gentile Girls Are Put On A Slave Auction Block In Israel
Israel - Facts on Trafficking and Prostitution


All about Japan's Yakuza by Anthony Bruno
[Stop-traffic] FEER: Criminals smuggle thousands of women into Japan


Canadian detective on misison to rescue Kosovo sex slaves
Serbia Info News / Sex-Slave Trade Becomes A Serious Problem


[Stop-traffic] Kidnapping Brides in Kyrgyzstan

Most bizarre instance of white-slaving

Women and Children For Sale: The Globalization of Sexual Slavery
Traffic in Humans - from Moldova to Italy
Refuge From Sex Slave Traders




Angeles Philippines The Trafficking Of Women And Children


Index2, Russian Organized Crime, Trafficking in Women, Sex Crimes, Ukraine, Russia,


A living hell: Europe's sex trade network - - Features & Arts


The Africa Fund
Women's Issues


Saving sex slaves - - Features & Arts

United States

Sex trade is a result of male misconception - February 23, 2000
Stopping sex-slave trade in the global economy


Free Our Women Campaign
Crossing Borders against Trafficking in Women and Girls
Free A Child - Who We Are
Apne Aap
Free Our Women Campaign
Global Women's Rights -- Trafficking in Women and Children

February 2002 110 Visits

Sandra Bullock Jailed?

January 2002 176 Visits

Whether by frustration over not having a play partner, or by a fetish unto itself, there are those who play solo. Some of them are risk takers. This month's web pages are about those few risk takers who have taken one risk too many.

About the problem:

How did it get its start? (Follow the "Read the entire paper" link.)

These are my favorite ones, the man who did it by tractor:
Never pee on the third rail:

What can the practice mean for your life insurance?

Whether alone or with a partner is there a safe way to practice Erotic Asphyxiation?