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If more than one URL is necessary to tell a complete story more than one is listed.

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The Hidden Castle's Front Gate

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December 2003 124 Visits

Foxy ladies in bondage:
Bondo Fox
November 2003 68 Visits

A guide to collecting handcuffs and related restraints:
October 2003 87 Visits

Erotic Electro Stim Magazine
September 2003 82 Visits

There are people in the BDSM community who believe that those who live the Gorean Lifestyle on earth are not truely practicing BDSM. This is because in the gorean novels there is never any pleasure play, no SM. But what there is in common is bondage, slavery, and discipline. The BD. Two out of four is enough for me to say they are within the bounds of BDSM practice.

The Gorean Education Scrolls
August 2003 74 Visits

Best Slave Trainng
July 2003 65 Visits

From the desk of Mistress Steel:
The Steel Door Scrolls

June 2003 135 Visits

Slave Nicki's Submissive Heart
May 2003 134 Visits

Master Robert's New Age Quest: Dominant Submissive-Lifestyle
April 2003 154 Visits

The Leather Page

March 2003 101 Visits

March's webpages are devoted to real world nonconsentual slavery, both in the present, and in the past.

History of SF's Bad Ass Women!
Racial Slavery
Slavery and Women in Ancient Greece
Slave Infibulation in Ancient Greece and Rome
Bibliography: White Slavery in America
The Multiracial Activist - White Slaves by Lawrence R. Tenzer
Anti-slavery Organizations
free the slaves
immaculata high school.CHILD SLAVE LABOR NEWS
Crossing Borders against Trafficking in Women and Girls, Index
Free Our Women Campaign
Lifting The Veil On Taliban Sex Slavery
A smuggler’s paradise : Albanian Girls Trafficked For Sex
Foreign Correspondent - 22/8/2001: Albania - Sex Slaves
Check Republic
Britské listy
Harsh Chinese Reality Feeds a Black Market in Women
With regard to China, the phenomenon of trafficking is a growing concern
RW ONLINE:Women in China: Free Market Slavery
[Stop-traffic] Israel's first trafficking trial
Stop-Traffic Listserver Archive: 05/18: Israel lets sex slave c
PPE - Ex-hostess tells of Japan Mafia kidnap
Canadian detective on misison to rescue Kosovo sex slaves
Women and Children For Sale: The Globalization of Sexual Slavery
CATW - The Factbook on Global Sexual Exploitation: Pakistan
Pakistani boys sold as jockeys for camel races / Parents sell their children into virtual slavery for as little as $40
Russian Organized Crime, Trafficking in Women, Sex Crimes, Ukraine, Russia,
Former sex slave warns others, but traffic in women grows
United States : WNT: Sex Slave Traffic
Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking: -- Debt to Society
Renee Boje Legal Defense Fund
Slave Labor Means Big Bucks for U.S. Corporations
Supreme Law Library : Press : Releases : kidnaps
US senators want curbs on 'sex slave' traffic
Free Our Women Campaign
Horrific abuse of Women
What is Being Done
NGOs: gladiators of freedom

February 2003 107 Visits

The House of Tanos

January 2003 204 Visits

The training of gorean slave girls:
The Koroba Inn