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Dedicated to web pages of interest to SM practitioners. Suggestions are welcome at To qualify there must be substantial free information and/or pictures. Preferred are nonvendor sites set up for the love of doing it. Vendors qualify that have a unique and not well known item.

If more than one URL is necessary to tell a complete story more than one is listed.

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I would like to keep the older links up to date. If you find any of older links are out of date and you know where the site has moved to please let me know so I can update it. If when following any of those links you see a "this site has moved to" message please let me know so I can update it before the forwarding web page disappears.

The Hidden Castle's Front Gate

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Thai Boycot Ended!

A beautiful sub

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December 2006 240 Visits

This month's Webpage of the Month ends the year with a site about the reprehensible present day torture for real taking place in China. Its focus is on Falun Gong practioners in China and the gruesome tortures and deaths they suffer.
Falun Dafa Information Center
November 2006 146 Visits

The Art of Erotic Bondage
October 2006 30 Visits

Bizzare Magazine
September 2006 40 Visits

Sensuous Sadie
August 2006 128 Visits

Sensual Sadist
July 2006 207 Visits

BDSM Watch

June 2006 207 Visits

The Witching Hours
May 2006 262 Visits

Hillary Clinton can't wait to pussy whip Bin Laden in 2008
April 2006 228 Visits

Down On My Knees

March 2006 174 Visits

This month continues the tradition of bringing attention to the problem of involuntary modern day slavery for forced labor outside the context of voluntary BDSM Master/slave relationships. Such slavery is not a thing of the past. There are more slaves now than there ever have been in history. Slavery as practiced now is typically worse that in the past because in most instances there is no life time comitment for care of the slave. When the slave is wore out due to age or disease and so cannot make money for the owners anymore they are abandoned, left to die of starvation or their diseases, or killed.

Slavery: Worldwide Evil
World News
Stop Human Trafficking Newsletter
A cultural perspective on Child Prostitution in the Far East
Eastern Europe
American Journalism Review
Trading in Misery
The Death of a Muslim Woman: "The Whore Lived Like a German" - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Great Britain - SEX SLAVES FOR SALE AT �3,000 EACH
News and Updates
Sex Slave Jihad
IRIN Africa | West Africa | NIGER: Slavery - an unbroken chain | Gender issues, Human Rights | Special
WorldNetDaily: Americans helping fuel Mexico's child-sex industry
Child Sex Workers - Human Rights Magazine, Winter 2005
Facts on Trafficking and Prostitution
Across borders: Sex trafficking of women
C4 News - World - Human Traffic - Slavery in Europe
South Africa
Slave girls of the sex trade
WorldNetDaily: Civil disobedience over Sudan slavery
Sex slaves hidden victims in trade - 05 Mar 2005 - World News
A Modern Slave Trade
Horror of modern-day slavery is alive and well in U.S.
Women Prisoners Caged In Texas: Restrained During Birth
Concerned Women for America - Don’t Thank Yahoo! for Solving Abduction Case: AFA Expert - sex slave trade
Sisters Offering Support
Fort Myers man charged in sex slave trade - News -
El Paso Times - Local news

February 2006 212 Visits

Lock'n Keep

January 2006 117 Visits

There is a lot of information on play technique on this site:
Karen E. Matroni Leather Lifestyle Page