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Dedicated to web pages of interest to SM practitioners. Suggestions are welcome at To qualify there must be substantial free information and/or pictures. Preferred are nonvendor sites set up for the love of doing it. Vendors qualify that have a unique and not well known item.

If more than one URL is necessary to tell a complete story more than one is listed.

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I would like to keep the older links up to date. If you find any of older links are out of date and you know where the site has moved to please let me know so I can update it. If when following any of those links you see a "this site has moved to" message please let me know so I can update it before the forwarding web page disappears.

The Hidden Castle's Front Gate

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Thai Boycot Ended!

A beautiful sub

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December 2014 1 Visit

The Iron Gate
November 2014 2 Visits

Mishka The Fine Art of Fetish
October 2014 3 Visits

How it is done on the planet Gor:
Slave Training Manual
September 2014 8 Visits

Train Her to Obey
A Guide for the blossoming Masters in the world of s/M
August 2014 18 Visits

The Institute
July 2014 12 Visits

Sir Real Experiences

June 2014 12 Visits

L I M I T S * A N D * T E M P T A T I O N S | a blog of a submissive.. trying to educate others and share her life..
May 2014 15 Visits

Captioned FemDom Situations
April 2014 7 Visits

Train Her Well

March 2014 17 Visits

The March edition of Web Page of the Month continues the tradition of rasing awareness of nonconsenual enslavemnent, including sex trafficking. There is alist of anti-slavery organizations with more information here.

United States
Ohio is a Slave Market | Cincinnati's alternative news source
Sex Trafficking in America: A Former Sex Slave's Story of Hope & Forgiveness:"FortheSakeofOne. org" - YouTube
Slave Training School Test Teaches Kids: “Commands Of Government Of...
Unitied Kingdom
'Slave owner' couple bailed after three captive women freed from London house of horrors following 30 years of 'servitude' as police search for other victims | Mail Online
▶ Italy's shocking underground trade in female Sex Slaves - YouTube
Sex slaves' cage horror: London woman exposes torment in Indian brothels - London - News - London Evening Standard
The problem of sex trafficking in Israel is sloved . One of ways awareness of it was raised there was the "Woman to Go" display at a mall.
YouTube Videos
21st Century Sex Slaves Documentary (Human Trafficking)
Child Sex Slave Trade
Born Into Brothels 2004 [Oscar winning documentary]

February 2014 2 Visits

A woman writes about her experience with the long term 24/7 wearing of a chastity belt.
A Woman Locked In

January 2014 13 Visits

Mistress Scarlet's Blog